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Follow up question to the 7 speed index Q(2 posts)

Follow up question to the 7 speed index QLone Gunman
Mar 12, 2002 5:28 PM
A few of the posters suggested going full friction DT. About to mechanically finish the full friction project and was looking to move to the next project the indexed DT alu machine, the reason for my questions about indexed shifting. I would like to have a 39/52 chainring setup on that bike that currently has a 105 triple with 7 speed hyperglide cassette and 7 speed RSX shifters. I would like to have the choice of using the indexed DT's or the RSX for any given time as both work well. My question is with the chainrings, do the double chainrings need a ramp and pin on the 52 chainring for shimano STI? I ask because all my experience with STI shifting is strictly with triple set up and ramps and pins on the middle chainring work alot better than a plain chainring in shifting up from the small chainring to the middle chainring, I have never taken notice of the double setup.
Some Help...joeg26er
Mar 14, 2002 5:16 AM
The ramps and pins are helpful but not 100% needed.

If you will be shifting under great load then you should find a ring with ramps and pins.