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Query regarding 11/3 post on Litespeed/custom steel/bike fit(5 posts)

Query regarding 11/3 post on Litespeed/custom steel/bike fitDannyBoy
Mar 12, 2002 5:16 PM
I have a query that fits in with an earlier post, so you might want to browse thru that first.

In short I had a custom steel 'club bike' built, partially because what I wanted wasn't commercialy available in the UK and in part for 'good fit' (although there's no doubt a stock frame and parts would have fitted me fine), and in part because I got exactly what I wanted for roughly the same price as a good quality off the peg frame. It was 750UK pounds with the carbon fork.

Now to my query, I'm after a second bike as I intend to race next season and am torn between another custom steel job from the same builder, or a Litespeed Ghisalo or something similar - I'm a compact/small frame lover you see (and before anyone mentions it, I know I'm not a pro and don't need it, I just want it because my tax rebate's burning a hole etc etc).

I have two schools of thought, go custom again (although it'll be heavier) and save about 1,300 pounds over the Ghisalo. I could use that $$ to buy a good set of Zipp's or LEW's etc, which in turn would lighten the overall picture.

Or I could get the Ghisalo deck it out in Record 10 etc and then have crappier wheels, that could be upgraded later.

What would you go for?

Also on fit I like a small frame, could I ride a medium Ghisalo and create the same position as my current ride by using say a cm of spacers and a long stem with a good rise?

Sadly I don't know my onions like you guys, so can't quote you angles and stuff, but the seat tube on my current ride is 52cm c-top, a horizontal line between the centre of the seatpin and bar would create a length of 65cm and the drop from the centre of the bar to the floor is 90.5cm??? I'm 5'11" tall and 175lbs.

Thought a picture of the bike might help with the hypothetical fit question so I'll try to include one.

you'll see the builder used a long'ish head tube to avoid a riser stem or spacers, now I'm fitter I could drop the bar maybe 1-2cm more, particularly as I crouch over my 'hoods' and rarely use the drops.

If I go custom again I'm going to have the head and seat tube shortened further and all the angles tightened. That way I satisfy my liking for small frames, but also I can remove the spacers and invert the stem if I want allowing me to use tri-style bars if I get back into TT's. Sort of like two bikes in one!

Your thought'd be appreciated, especially over the fit issue as I'd like to ride the smallest frame I can.

Thanks guys.
You are pushing the weight envelopeLazywriter
Mar 12, 2002 8:12 PM
with the Ghisallo. I almost bought the bike and I weigh 185-200 lbs. One test ride and I knew that it isn't stiff enough at all for a large rider. I was flexing it like it was a paperclip.
I got the 2002 Vortex which I highly recommend. But if you want compact design you'll have to look elsewhere. If you are not a powerful ridr with good technique you might get away with the Ghisallo at 175 lb but to me I didn't want any compromises. The Lotto Team is riding Vortex with a couple of the smaller guys riding Ghisallos in the mountains, but not all of them.
I think the custom thing is really overrated, but it seems to make people feel good that they got a custome frame. I mean, there is nothing wrong with it, but I can get a perfect fit on a stock frame as most people can, but the customization is a boost to the ego more than a necessity.
I passed on a Seven Axiom and went for a Vortex which after a test ride, there was no question the LS was a faster bike. The Seven is custom, but $500 less although it is not 6/4 ti.
re: Query regarding 11/3 post on Litespeed/custom steel/bike fitjakerider
Mar 13, 2002 6:44 AM
This is at least the third post you have asked the same thing concerning the ghisallo. Everyone is telling you the same thing. YOU ARE TOO F'ING HEAVY FOR THE GHISALLO. Now go ahead and waste a huge
amount of money on this bike, because you are obviously not listening to the people who know
what they are talking about. Hey I ride a LS and I like mine. I have the money to purchase a ghisallo but I
would not buy one because it is not stiff enough. DO YOU HEAR WHAT THE MASSES ARE SAYING?
my son....DannyBoy
Mar 14, 2002 9:21 PM
Chill, point taken. I'm looking at Merlin, Serotta etc.

What I however don't quite get is that when I e-mailed LS recently they said I'd be fine on the G and it wouldn't be noodle like?

I was also keen for guidance from a fit perspective, thanks for your help.
as someone who knows...DannyBoy
Mar 14, 2002 9:55 PM
perhaps you'd be kind enough to throw in your comments on my post in components about Serotta frames.