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OLN 2001 TDF(10 posts)

Mar 12, 2002 5:16 PM
Anyone watching the highlights of last years TDF on OLN? On twice a day (PST) 4:00 and 11:00 PM (1 hr shows). Good commentary by Lance Armstrong. I think he might have a job lined up when he retires...
re: OLN 2001 TDFlook271
Mar 12, 2002 8:25 PM
I saw a little of a couple of the shows-he does a good job.
re: OLN 2001 TDFraboboy
Mar 13, 2002 8:53 AM
hmm... I have the opposite opinion. I think the TDF Encore is great and I've been watching, but Lance's commentary is minimal; 1 minute in the beginning, 1 minute halfway and 1 minute at the end. I guess I was looking for more.
Also, I like his insight but he is a little stiff and does not look at the camera. He needs to take a few pointers from Phil and look at the Audience. :)
Regardless, I watch and still enjoy it. I think OLN should have cycling on every day of the year.
I've been watching..Cartman
Mar 13, 2002 10:44 AM
W/ my wife and three year old daughter. She knows who Phill is from watching the tour last summer. My wife commented on how Lance looked like a little boy behind the desk. I then commented saying that Lance kinda looked like an older "Dewey" from "Malcomb in the Middle". She agreed. It is nice having cycling on TV every day this month!
Lance/Dewey. . .Separated at birth or Lance's love child?js5280
Mar 13, 2002 4:10 PM
You decide. . .
d'oh! the resemblance is startling! nmJS Haiku Shop
Mar 14, 2002 10:35 AM
yeah, but what's with the weekends?JS Haiku Shop
Mar 13, 2002 10:57 AM
did they air the TTT on the weekend and then again on monday, or are they skipping weekends? i didn't see a show on during saturday, but saturday night/sunday morning at 1:30 AM there was a repeat. then nothing sunday...
Only on Weeknights.Len J
Mar 14, 2002 5:17 AM
See the link below for OLN Cycling schedule:

You'll notice next to the Le Tour Encore.... posting it says weeknights only

d'oh! RTFD, then. thanks. nmJS Haiku Shop
Mar 14, 2002 6:05 AM
It's great, simply becauseRutterMan
Mar 13, 2002 11:12 AM
I record the 4:00 show and watch it at night while I'm on the trainer, it beats reruns of Magnum PI!!