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Vail Cycle Works...(2 posts)

Vail Cycle Works...WadeO
Mar 12, 2002 11:02 AM
Is not listed in the review area, so I'll tell ya'll about the bike here.

It's a 58cm Columbus Nivichrome OS EL tubed beauty with Kestrel EMS Pro fork and Ultegra group. Mavic Open Pro's and Conti GP3K's complete the deal. I bought it directly from Jack of Vail Cycle Works ( He builds custom steel and Ti road and mountain bikes. This one, however, is "off the rack" not custom fitted.

I've got it last year and it's a sweet ride. The only other bikes I've put road miles on were C'dales. This is one super upgrade. Stiff, quick, and stable and STEEL. I ride a lot of rough paving and feel much better about putting steel to that staccato impact stress than Al.

I'm planning multiple centuries this year and will let you know how she plays.

When I get ready for a cu$tom build. Jack will be doing it.

Sorry for the "off-topic" post, but had no where else to put it.

Wade in Mid TN.
re: Vail Cycle Works...BikinCO
Mar 12, 2002 11:12 AM
Yeah he builds really nice bikes. I have several friends that ride his road and mtn. bikes. All of them were custom and they are very happy with their bikes. His shop is about a mile from my office, so I go there every once and a while with a friend that has one of his custom mtb. Plus I am from mid TN, small world.