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On-One Il Pompino Reviews??(2 posts)

On-One Il Pompino Reviews??Hally
Mar 12, 2002 7:01 AM
Has any one had the opportunity to experience the On-One Il Pompino. If so, I am interested in any reviews for it. I couldn't find any in the product reviews. I am looking for a bike for commuting, recreational road rides and general hacking around town, and wanted to see how the On-One held up. I would be looking to set it up as a fixie. Are there any other bikes that might fit this role? Thanks for any opinions
It's a brand new frameAhimsa
Mar 12, 2002 5:02 PM
I doubt you'll find much out there as it is a brand new offering from On-One. I have my sights set on one (no pun intended) for a super durable messenger and commuter. When I build it up I'll post my thoughts, but that might be awhile as I need to cough up the scratch.

Anyhow, it looks great and the geometry is what I want. I have gabbed with some BMXers familiar with the On-One cats and they say they are top notch.

This is not a race bike. It will be heavy. That's fine by me, but you may want a lighter ride.

See also:

Surly (Steamroller and Crosscheck of course)
Soma (Rush) (Urbanite)
Gunnar (Street Dog)
And of course Bianchi's Pista

I'd post more, but that's the cream of the crop for cheap and durable.

You might wanna check the paper for deals in your town.
I almost bought a Sears Roebuck bike from a garage sale last summer that had a sweet pumpkin orange frame and no logo save the SR badge. Components were not great, some Suntour (but I was gonna strip it anyway), but the drop outs were perfect, the frame was perfect, my size, nice relaxed touring angles, thick steel tubes, canti posts....woulda been cashy.

He wanted 25 semolians. I was only prepared to pay 20. So I played it off and figured he'd come down later in the day. When I came back, t'was gone. Shame. I kick myself over that one. All over 5 bucks.

The Pomp is a beauty though, eh?