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Gios bikes, where the heck are they???(7 posts)

Gios bikes, where the heck are they???hayaku
Mar 12, 2002 3:11 AM
I was under the impression that Gios was a big name in cycling. However all I can find about them on the internet is a stem they produce.

I want to know if they are a quality brand.

I am looking at a 2000 Ceramical, the same as was apparently used in the 2000 Tour de France. If anyone can shed some light or share their opinion on this frame for me I would be very greatful.

Thank you for any assistance you can give. Mark
In the US @excel sportsgrandemamou
Mar 12, 2002 4:41 AM
They are the only US distributor consequently you won't see many around. I think the model you are referring to is the AL ciquintario. The frames have a strong racing history. They were ridden by Brooklyn Chewing Gum team in the 70's, Kelme for many years, and Alexio up until this year. They can also be found at and

I have had a compact pro for about 10 yrs. A really great frame. Don't let the absence US frame sightings disuade you. There are lots of quality frames that don't have much of a US presence. Rossin,Principia,Somec Casati and many others that are "fairly" common across the pond but invisible stateside.
re: Gios bikes, where the heck are they???DaveL
Mar 12, 2002 5:17 AM
I had a real goo experience with Excel Sports when I bought a Megalite frame - not made any more - turned out to be a good bike.
Actually a 'good' experience; not 'goo' ! nmDaveL
Mar 12, 2002 5:19 AM
Know a local guy.McAndrus
Mar 12, 2002 5:53 AM
I know a local racer who rides one but I forget the model. It's a handsome bike, he likes it, and he puts the miles in on it so I think they hold up pretty well.
Boulder, Colo.bianchi
Mar 12, 2002 6:00 AM
Grandemamou is right. Excelsports is the sole distributor of Gios in the US. Their prices for Gios are very reasonable because they deal with the factory in Italy direct, so there is no middleman. I bought a steel Gios, the Compact Pro, last May with a Chorus 10 group. The service and price were excellent and I couldn't be happier with the bike. Currently Excel carries the Compact Pro and several aluminum frames, including a new model with carbon stays.

Gios has a long racing history. As G mentioned, Gios were ridden by the famous Brooklyn racing team back in the 70s. Until recently, they were used by the Kelme pro team, a Spanish team known for their climbing (which has since switched to Look). They are still used by at least two other teams. Details on their website,

You could probably buy Gios frames from some of the overseas internet bike companies, if Excel didn't suit you, but I doubt if you would save much money. You also can find their frames, particularly older ones like the Torino, for sale on eBay from time to time. There have been some good deals for Gios frames and bikes lately on eBay.
www.gios.itCT1 Guy
Mar 12, 2002 12:42 PM
I think that you'll find that they're in Torino - that's in Italy. and why its not got dot com on the end of the address.