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Specialized Allez Comp 2001(7 posts)

Specialized Allez Comp 2001mbologna
Mar 11, 2002 6:50 PM
Hi all. I was the one who posted the Trek 2200 versus Klein Quantum. I went to test these bikes again, and found this Specialized on 'closeout' for $1599 (the original price was $1999). I'm completely new to the sport, and really liked the Trek and the Klein, but this seems like a really good deal. It has complete Ultegra, and a Shimano wheelset (the wheels alone were selling for about $700).

The roads were wet tonight when I tested it, but it seems really responsive. It is very light, and seemed to torque some when I really mashed the pedals, but that might just be my lack of knowledge about riding! Also, the back fork is flared out somewhat (like the Klein's), and I kept hitting my shoe on it, though I was riding in running shoes on top of clipless pedals. Will this problem go away with riding shoes and cleats?

Anyway, any comments about this bike versus the other two? Anything 'bad' about going with last year's model? I put it on hold for a day or two so I could get some thoughts. About the only things I didn't like were the issue of hitting my foot on the rear fork and the fact that it has a double instead of a triple chainring.

Again, I would use this bike for tours, maybe some races, and definitely duathlons/triathlons.

I noticed that there seems to be two models of this bike; one has an A1 after the name. I'm not sure which this is, but it is pearl white with orange tape if that helps!

Thanks in advance!

houston, TX
re: Specialized Allez Comp 2001weiwentg
Mar 11, 2002 7:17 PM
the A1 frame is not bad, but you can do better. and if the wheels are the ones I'm thinking (R535s), they do NOT retail for over $700. full retail is more like $300.
can't quite place the pearl white frame + orange tape, though... what's the full name? is it the A1 Comp 18? imho, there are better frames than the A1 out there.
That's my bikeScot_Gore
Mar 11, 2002 9:20 PM
I bought a 2001 Spec. Comp last year, used, off this site.

I like it, but other peoples opinions on bikes, is like your mother's opinion of the women you date/marry, don't take them too seriously.

Your up to full ultegra with the Comp over your other 2 choices and IMHO are getting more bike overall than the 2200 or the Quantum. The 2001 Allez's comes in several models.
From low to high:
Allez A1 Triple - Tiagra, AL Fork
Allez Sport - 105, Carbon Fork (it's a triple)
Allez Elite - 105/Ultegra Mix, Carbon Fork
Allez Comp - Ultegra, Carbon Fork
Festina - I don't know its components (too much $$$ for me)

The Sport is probably the most comparable component to component with your other 2 choices.

$1,599.00 is about the going rate for one a model year back Allez Comp. I saw one in the window of a local LBS around Xmas for $1499.00. My regular LBS has one on the floor for $1699.00, so you're right in there on the price.

Several things to bear in mind:
1) The C0MP is built and marketed to be the racer in the Allez family. Where the Sport is built and marketed to be the... well....Sporty bike in the family. The COMP's going to be a stiffer, tighter ride that beats you up more over long distances, and won't be found with a triple.

2) If your not familiar with the differences between traditional (classic) geometry and compact geometry. Do some research now. There are pros and cons to both. Do yourself a favor an form an opinion before you buy. Hit the Rivendell site and read their frame geometry stuff, then hit the Giant site and read what they have to say. Then search the archives on this site for words like Compact vs, sloping top tube, Giant frames, etc.

3) Always be wary of the friendly LBS guy suggesting last years model. Not because of the bikes are bad. MAKE SURE THE BIKE FITS YOU. Your LBS is a small business that lives and dies by it's ability to control it's inventory. Make sure your shop is selling you the bike that's right for you and not the bike that's right for them. The Allez Comp is a compact geometry frame. The look and feel of the fit will be different than the other two bikes. Be sure you've got a good fit.

Good Luck
re: Specialized Allez Comp 2001Bruno S
Mar 11, 2002 9:59 PM
I also have that bike. It has a racing geometry (short wheel base) which makes it very responsive and its stiff. Good for sprints but harsh in long rides. I don't think the Klein or Trek will be much different in stiffness since they are also made of Alu. My right cycling shoe also sometimes rubs against the chainstay. This is because the very short distance between the BB and rear wheel. Not much to do about that. Maybe put an additional clear sticker like the one used to protect the chainstay from the chain. The Ultegra components work very well and the wheels are more in the 300 price range. There is nothing 'bad' about this model. It was specialized first atempt of a compact geometry bike and its basically the same tubeset of the A1. I also used to have a A1 and they feel almost the same. The compact is a little stiffer. The 2002 seem almost identical but now they are using a different alu made by Columbus. A good thing about this frame is that is offered in about 10 sizes as opposed to all other compact geometry frames (Giant for example) that are only offered in 4.
re: Specialized Allez Comp 2001BroBiker
Mar 12, 2002 9:12 AM
Bruno, I recognize you from the SDBC rides. We've chatted a few times and next time I see you I'll be sure to properly introduce myself.

Good riding,
Specialized & Motobecane both frames made by Kinesispat in cal
Mar 12, 2002 1:07 AM
Since the Specialized and the Motobecane frames are made by the same factory; I still think a le Champion at $1100 with Full ultegra is a better deal. Some people do get hung up on names; but weather you like the fact that Motobecane is older than Specialized and Trek added together; or you like the fact that Lance rides a Trek; or whatever - it is hard to bet a Full Ultegra bike with a 2.7 lb frame for $1100
HA HA HA! Pat, I admire yourscottfree
Mar 12, 2002 1:57 PM
persistence and good rhetoric in standing up for your Motobecane. Since I've never seen or ridden one -- and don't personally know anyone who has -- I can't form any opinion on whether it's a good bike or not. But the fact is -- neither can the wild Motobecane bashers on this board, who seem to hate the thing for reasons they're unwilling or unable to disclose. All I know is, I'm just fascinated by the churning irrationality Motobecane generates here!