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Question to Montgomery Co. Md. area riders:(13 posts)

Question to Montgomery Co. Md. area riders:Djudd
Mar 11, 2002 6:15 PM
or those knowledgeble of the area. My goal this year is to concoct fewer rides that involve driving. To this end I mapped out a ride that involved taking the Metro Red line to Shady Grove and riding to Sugar Loaf and back to my home in NE DC. The only viable route I saw on the map from Shady Grove to SugarLoaf was via Clopper Rd. My question: is Clopper Road ridable on a bike? (I could drive out there and see but I've found the best way to find that out is through someone who as ridden a particular road, from a car tells your nothing). I know the roads around Sugarloaf pretty well after I get there I'm good to go
Any help would be greatly appreciated
re: Question to Montgomery Co. Md. area riders:commuterguy
Mar 12, 2002 8:16 AM
I think it would depend on the time and day of the week. Early weekend mornings should work, otherwise I wouldn't be so sure.

Try (and consider joining) the Potomac Pedalers Touring Club ( They have lots of tried-and-true routes in northern Mont. and Frederick Counties. Some of their cue sheets are posted on their web site.

BTW, if you are riding early weekend mornings, you could ride from your home: if you go across town to the Capital Crescent Trial, out to MacArthur Blvd., out to Falls Road, then to River Road, which will take you out to Potomac/Poolesville.
Mar 12, 2002 8:40 AM
Caveat: I moved from Mont. Co. 5 years ago. Clopper is certainly rideable, but busy depending on when you plan on riding. Once you get out of Gaithersburg and out past Germantown, the traffic drops and the road narrows. Route 117 becomes Barnesville Road. Nice rolling ride. If riding back to DC, head down towards the river on Peachtree, Beallsville, Bucklodge or White Ground roads. Take Glen Road instead of River as it is less busy closer into Potomac, then maybe Macarthur into NW or Military across to Rock Creek. As you are probably aware, the closer to DC, the busier the roads.

Hope this helps.
Funny you should ask, we did it on Sunday.MB1
Mar 12, 2002 9:22 AM
Remember how windy Sunday was? We decided after Saturdays 200K we wanted a break on Sunday. So we did what we have done before, take the Metro all the way into the wind and ride home with a tailwind. Even so we got some nasty winds and it was really bad until we made the turn onto Schaeffer.

We took the metro to Shady Grove went west on 355 a block, left on West Guide Drive at a light, right on Key West after we crossed over 270, right on Great Seneca Highway (the sidewalk is designated a bike path) left on Clopper, left on Schaeffer finally exiting suburban heck!!!

I would never do that ride except on Sunday morning or a bigtime holiday.
Thanks for the help everyone....MB1 I actually...Djudd
Mar 12, 2002 10:42 AM
got the idea from an earlier post by you. I forgot how convenient the Metro is, not having to drive to and from (especially from) a ride is great. I'm assuming you didn't take the tandem on the train (maybe I assume too much?), that would be great.

Thanks again
80" limit on bicycle length on the DC Metro.MB1
Mar 12, 2002 1:28 PM
Tandem don't fit, we rode the 1/2 bikes.
"1/2 bikes." I love it! Unicycles, then? NMBrooks
Mar 12, 2002 3:21 PM
If a tandem is a bike, a 1 person bike=a 1/2 bike.MB1
Mar 12, 2002 4:50 PM
It is fairly standard tandem rider talk to call their single seat bikes half bikes. A harmless and mildly amusing "In Joke". No offense intended.
LOL. Really. I loved the reference...Brooks
Mar 13, 2002 8:08 AM
Having only been on a tandem once, I can't say that I'm familiar with the lingo. MB1, do you ride with Dr Gabe? When I was in Mont Co, he was a good friend of a friend. He was really big into tandems at the time and I assume he still is. I recall that he broke a collarbone on one of the tandem rallies some years back. I've been trying to talk the wife into a tandem for some time with no success. Gabe offered to let us borrow his for a trial, but no go. Just have to keep riding on my "half bike". ;-0

Dr. Gabe?MB1
Mar 13, 2002 10:51 AM
I am not sure who he is. Does he have a carbon tandem? Miss M and I usually don't ride with tandem clubs, we like to ride much farther, harder and hillier than they do.

It would be fun to find a compatible group but we mostly ride by ourselves or meet a group pick up a route slip and ride away. Our pace has gotten pretty odd as we ride without stopping much. We seem to be too slow to stay with fast riders, to steady to stay with slower riders.
Dr. Gabe Mirkin, author of the Mirkin Report. Also on the radio.Brooks
Mar 13, 2002 4:00 PM
We showed up for a tandem club ride once, he was there.MB1
Mar 13, 2002 5:06 PM
Miss M knew him from running. I recall he had a very nice tandem and that is the extent of my recollection.

The ride had several different lengths, the long ride split from the others after 1 mile. That was the last we saw of that club (WABITS-Washington Area Bicycling In Tandem Society (I think)).
re: Question to Montgomery Co. Md. area riders:brian
Mar 13, 2002 6:35 AM

I grew up in Gaithersburg and still do the ride from Gaithersburg to Sugarloaf whenever I go home. You could also pop out on the Rockville stop and ride route 28 all the way out. My route is generally quince orchard road to route 28 (darnestown road) out to dickerson power plant. From there you just ride towards Sugarloaf and you can't go wrong! 28 can be kind of busy from rockville to gaithersburg, so it depends on how comfortable you are riding with cars. It never really bothered me though.