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taking multiple multi vitiamins in a day - risk of toxicity?(5 posts)

taking multiple multi vitiamins in a day - risk of toxicity?maurizio
Feb 13, 2002 9:46 AM
We all know the USRDA is for a sedatary, lazy-boy loving kind of 'merican. Considering, most decent cyclists are training pretty hard, what is normal in terms of daily intake of a suppliment?
Would one reach a level of toxicity when taking say 10 multiple vitimans in a week when the label recommends one a day?
What is the threshold of feeding the body what it needs and overkill? What might be some signs of poisoning from vitamins/minerals, etc.?
re: taking multiple multi vitiamins in a day - risk of toxicity?brider
Feb 13, 2002 9:55 AM
Depending on the multi you're taking, you may run into problems with vit A or iron toxicity. You can do a web search to look up the symptoms. In general, you'd need to go way over the recommendations to get into any trouble.
re: taking multiple multi vitiamins in a day - risk of toxicity?greg n
Feb 13, 2002 10:52 AM
There are multis out there that are forulated for higher percentage intake without risk of iron poisoning, etc. Check out this company

I've been using their vitamins and suplements for years, and I think they work well. Easily digestible (which is important. Unlike GNC crap that doesn't even disolve in water) and not overly expensive. They have one-, three-, six- and I think 12-a-day multis. Basically, with the higher doseage multis, whatever your body doesn't use, you pee out. I used to take a three-a-day multi. But now I take a one-a-day multi, green tea extra (antioxidant), Vit C supplement and Vit E supplement (antioxidant combination).

It's not like high doseages of vitamins give you all this extra energy. It's just giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to function and recover properly during training. I can honestly say that my recovery time after racing or BT workouts is pretty short, I rarely am sore and VERY seldom get sick. I'm a huge advocate of vitamins being important for training.
re: taking multiple multi vitiamins in a day - risk of toxicity?netso
Feb 13, 2002 12:47 PM
Because digestion and assimilation at best means you get about 25% of what you ingest. One-A-days are not great vitamins because of this. However, you could run into trouble with vit A&D and Iron. It would be much better if you took a vitamin pak that was meant to be taken more than once a day.
re: taking multiple multi vitiamins in a day - risk of toxicity?Steve H
Feb 13, 2002 1:57 PM
I used to take a number of vitamins and minerals when I was jogging. I found a book at the local book store called The Vitamin Bible. It was very good for explaining the various suplements and I think it is updated and still published. It gave the recommended vitamins and minerals for everything from hang nail to hair loss without making any claims for success. It gave recommended daily doses and gave you toxic levels. You might find something like this and make up your own daily suplements to fit your needs and stay away from the ones you can over do.