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Anyone do the Lake Tahoe loop?(7 posts)

Anyone do the Lake Tahoe loop?sprocket rocket
Oct 29, 2001 1:32 AM
If so where did you start, what direction did you go and how many tourists tried to run you off the road and what buffet did you hit post ride?

Speaking of buffet rides the Las Vegas century last week was the best. Almost totally flat so we hauled at a 19mph average. We later rode down the strip to Bellagio, valet our bikes, ate roast boar at the buffet and blew my sweaty twenty at the tables.
Do the Flume Trail insteadpmf1
Oct 29, 2001 4:53 AM
I was in Tahoe a few years ago and wanted to do the loop. Its kinda dangerous though. Too many people driving along not paying very close attention to the road. I ended up renting a mtn bike and doing the Flume trail. It was a very nice ride. Went up along the crater ridge. No cars.
We did the loop on our tandem the day before our wedding.MB1
Oct 29, 2001 5:14 AM
Drivers tend to give tandems a little more room then single bikes. It was a very nice ride with occasional heavy traffic, we didn't have any problems.

Since it is a loop you can start and finish anywhere. Clockwise is more scenic since you are next to the lake the whole way. We started in South Lake, the most traffic was by Emerald Bay (well worth a stop BTW) and in South Lake Tahoe.

Rather finish with a real meal and skip the buffets.
re: Anyone do the Lake Tahoe loop?Elefantino
Oct 29, 2001 6:45 AM
As a kid we used to start in TC and go counterclockwise. It's a trip flying down the mountain into SLT.
I used to do it on a Raleigh Super Course Mk. II 10-speed. I'd see at least 27 speeds to do it now.
Many timesBrooks
Oct 29, 2001 8:12 AM
We have an old cabin at Meeks Bay on the west side. For me, I always go counter clockwise due to the location of the climbs. The loop is 76 miles, the climbs are to Spooner Summit on the east side and Emerald Bay/Bliss State Park on the southwest. I would rather not do the Emerald climb towards the end of the ride. Spooner from the south is steeper but shorter. The ride takes me about 4 hours. I always have traffic (Tahoe City and South Lake) and yahoos (mostly around Tahoe City) yelling at you to get on the adjacent path. I had a bottle whiz by my head this summer. Also, by riding counterclockwise you can bail out into the uphill slopes and not over and down on the Lake side. Beautiful ride, though. Be sure to ride straight on the white line. There is a multi-use path for slower traffic on the west side of the Lake. Lots of users all over the path though. Another nice ride is from Tahoe City to Truckee then up over the old Donner Pass Grade and out to Cisco Grove and return. Lots less traffic, very scenic as well. A third ride in the same area is Tahoe City north along the Lake to Kings Beach and over the Brockway Summit to Truckee, then up the river to Tahoe City.
Have fun!
Second that Old Donner Pass idea--it's greatcory
Oct 29, 2001 8:30 AM
All the riding in that area's pretty nice, in fact (I live in Reno, an hour from Tahoe). October is a good time of year to do it, too--the weather's still good (supposed to change in the next few days), and you're between the summer and winter crowds. Weekday is better than weekend for Tahoe if you can manage it--the Bay area traffic is brutal on Saturday and Sunday, and a lot of the road has no shoulder. There's a running relay in spring that I've done a few times (10-person teams, about 7 miles each), and parts of it are even scary to run.
Double Loopgrzy
Oct 29, 2001 9:17 AM
We wanted some more miles than one loop would offer on the "America's Most Beautiful Century" so we did it once in a clockwise direction, skipping the leg to Truckee and back, ate lunch at our base (my buddies ski house in So. Lake) then did it counter clockwise for a nice 150 mile ride. Going CW is advised - you don't have as much traffic coming in from the side. You want to start early to get a jump on the traffic. One loop is only about 4,400 of fairly easy climbing. Just carry some cash and you can eat and sip lattes all the way around - you can go for time or weight....

Another option is to start by So. Lake then head up over Luther Pass, bomb down towards into Markleeville (i.e. the start/finish of the Death Ride) you can continue down into NV (make sure to hit the Emigrint Rd. by the turn for M'ville) then north along Foothill then climb up Dagget Pass to drop back into So. Lake area. An option is to go through M'ville and climb Ebbetts Pass then come back and head for NV - this later option makes the loop a perfect century, but you'll log almost 10'K of climbing.