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Pseudo-Fred wheel question(5 posts)

Pseudo-Fred wheel questionElefantino
Oct 25, 2001 6:22 PM
Upon closer inspection of my newly repaired and repainted steed, I noticed that one of the Rolf Vector Comp front spokes is cracked at the rim, and the spoke itself is decidedly non-straight. It looks OK from afar, but when you look at it closely it definitely has a couple of twists in it. This is the front wheel that had the nasty bout with the tree branch that resulted in my accident.

The wheel itself looks OK and spins true (although I did have to tweak a few spokes. And I neither I nor the LBS noticed the crack in the spoke. As I said, it's hard to see). My first reaction is to, well, just replace the spoke, But could I have compromised the wheel with such a violent crash as I had, even if it doesn't appear so?

Maybe I'm just a worry wart or maybe I'm just obsessing because I can't get back on the road until January.

Ideas? FYI, I don't blame the LBS because I stood over them like a nervous parent as they put it together and took it home before they could road test it. I was on heavy Vicodin at the time, so I have an excuse.
It's toast. Replace it.Rusty McNasty
Oct 26, 2001 4:05 AM
Or maybe you want to experience a wheel failure at speed?? Cheaping out is a risky proposition.
The whole wheel, I assume? (nm)Elefantino
Oct 26, 2001 3:04 PM
just a spokecyclopathic
Oct 27, 2001 5:25 AM
if rim isn't cracked

I've broken spokes on my mtb same way caught a branch
After I trued it spokes would be O'k for a few rides then
eventually break at J-joint.

When that happened nothing extra ordinary would follow, spoke bends and wouldn't have the same effect as branch
Zip tie, paper clip I carry is enough to fix it to get back.

This is conventional 32 spoke wheel. Rolf wheels have fewer spokes, so impact would be larger I suspect. Still hard to believe wheel would fall apart.

just replace the spoke to be on safe side and inspect rim good luck
The solution ...Elefantino
Oct 27, 2001 7:48 PM
Rim wasn't cracked. Just needed a new spoke. Then one of the wrenches at the LBS asked if I wanted to buy his almost-new Vector Comps for $200. I couldn't resist.

I am now selling the Vectors, of course.