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Koobi Saddles On Sale (Tri is $40 off!)(4 posts)

Koobi Saddles On Sale (Tri is $40 off!)MikeC
Oct 26, 2001 11:46 AM
I've been riding a Koobi Tri all year. Hey, face it, our butts weren't designed to sit on narrow perches bolted to rigid tubes, but the Koobi Tri is the most comfortable performance-oriented saddle I've found in 30+ years of road riding.
Anyway, they're moving their warehouse, and they're selling Tri's for $99.95, instead of the usual $139.95. They only weigh 225g, they have a thin gel pad that takes the edge off without being sloppy, and it's a numb-free split design. If I'd paid $99.95 for mine, I'd like it even more!
They also have their other seats on sale.
take your ad to the Hot Deals boardnfm
Oct 26, 2001 11:55 AM
Get with the program, "nfm"MikeC
Oct 26, 2001 12:00 PM
If you spend any time on this board, you know I have nothing to do with Koobi, so it's not an ad. It's an endorsement of a product, and a notice to the community of a good deal.
And if you're so concerned about the integrity of the board, don't be an anonymous "nfm" wuss!
Great seat...too bad xenon isn't on sale toomatt
Oct 26, 2001 7:21 PM
I too switched over a few months back. It took me a couple rides to get used to it, but now I would never go back. I have been looking to get the chrono for my mtb since I think the hollow ti rails of the xenon wouldn't hold up, so now I have an excuse to do it. Thanks for the tip