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Why don't you mountain bike?(33 posts)

Why don't you mountain bike?mr_spin
Oct 25, 2001 9:34 AM
First, this is not flame bait! Second, yes, I know this is a road forum.

Reading some of the reasons why we got into road biking and a few other posts, I was amazed at how many people here explicitly said they weren't interested in mountain biking.

It makes me wonder, why not?

Just for the record, I ride road and mountain bikes, and love them equally. I consider them two halves of the same thing: cycling. Both require skills specific to the discipline, and yet, they are essentially the same thing. And they complement each other because of the different skills and muscles used. I find I am a better rider overall because I do both.

While I could just as well ask the same thing about cross or track, but I'll stick with MTB because it is more "popular" than either of those two disciplines.

So, if you don't mountain bike, why not?
i know this is "if not, why not". here's why i don't often...Js Haiku Shop
Oct 25, 2001 9:45 AM
every time i get out there rolling over roots, rocks and logs something on the bike gets bent or broken AND / OR something on my body becomes injured. i've made a secret pact with myself to get BACK on the mtb over this winter, and to be more careful and deliberate.

on a related note, i told humma last fall that i'd ride through last winter on my cruiser, but i chickened out and only used it for late night beer runs.
Xmas Lights would go perfect w/ that bike ;-) (nm)js5280
Oct 25, 2001 9:57 AM
it's my strong opinion thatJs Haiku Shop
Oct 25, 2001 10:01 AM
xmas lights would accentuate any non-titanium bike.

year 'round.
I think your problem is the rear tire is on the front. (nm)vanzutas
Oct 25, 2001 10:40 AM
I think your problem is the rear tire is on the front. (nm)MrCelloBoy
Oct 25, 2001 11:19 AM
Can you elaborate, or just being funny?
He's right, I think.look271
Oct 25, 2001 11:27 AM
I have those tires, too. Specific f/r. Looks like they're reversed.
negative. only actual difference is...Js Haiku Shop
Oct 25, 2001 11:42 AM
the rear is a 1.9 and the front a 2.1.

in fact, you are correct that they're front/rear specific, but i believe the front one actually says "front", and unless i was particularly drunk when installing them, they are on the correct wheels.

while we're on the subject, they DO harvest mud and leaves and whatever else is around...very aggressive tires. perhaps too much so for the mild trails around town.
Ok, you're off the hook!look271
Oct 25, 2001 4:36 PM
They aren't too good on anything except the thick, goey stuff, but as much as I ride'em, who cares?
I don't 'cause people make fun of my front tire choice ;o)Tig
Oct 25, 2001 2:19 PM
I had to have a little fun with the tire thang.
I still love MTB when it cools down enough here to kill off the mosquito population. A ride through the trees is quite peaceful. I enjoy the challenge of the technical riding too. If you want to improve your skills, try racing. It forces you to learn fast and ride trails you wouldn't mess with otherwise. Some MTB races are more physically intense than any crit I've ever ridden. Almost as tough as a track points race.
Do! (NM) but pictureMrCelloBoy
Oct 25, 2001 10:03 AM
See it here!
^^ doesn't shave chest hair reverse mohawk for hrm (nm) ^^Js Haiku Shop
Oct 25, 2001 10:10 AM
Drape Xmas lights on MrCelloBoy; red shorts! nm ;-0Brooks
Oct 25, 2001 10:16 AM
Hanukkah Lights dude!MrCelloBoy
Oct 25, 2001 11:08 AM
And the shorts were ON SALE!
Match the shock and Fisher lettering too.

gotta have a good self-image to go out like that. ; )
Where are the gold chains? heh :) nmraboboy
Oct 25, 2001 10:17 AM
What is it...not gettin' it
Oct 25, 2001 11:26 AM
that causes people to post ridiculous pictures of themselves on the internet?
The spirit of sharing...(NM)MrCelloBoy
Oct 25, 2001 12:14 PM
re: Too scareddzrider
Oct 25, 2001 10:17 AM
I had a mountain bike in the mid 80's and never got comfortable enough to get a good cardio-vascular work out without riding for hours. I'd often come home with tired hands from holding the brakes and go for a run. I'm also comfortable on dirt roads with my commuting bike and don't need a mountain bike for that.
I do, but not often.look271
Oct 25, 2001 11:16 AM
Here's why:
Got to put bike on car.
Drive to trail.
Hope that you have a friend/find someone there.
Make sure that no 4-legged creature is being hunted that day.
Take at least 1/2 hr to, 1/2 hr back to ride 1 -2 hrs or so.
Got to clean bike.
Got to bandage/clean/splint self (not necessarily in that order).
Need I say more?

Plus, I'm still sore from Sunday's forray onto the woods.
I used to be a big time dirty boy. Rode a lot.MB1
Oct 25, 2001 12:00 PM
Then as I got better Mountain biking wasn't enough. I did a few dirt centuries but I had ridden every trail around over and over again. Not that it wasn't fun but I wanted more time in the saddle and did not like driving to trails. So I started riding to the trail head, doing a dirt ride and riding home. That was good.

Then I got married and moved to DC. Got a cyclocrosser for commuting and started riding it everywhere-including off road. This year I barely have 300 miles on the ATB but I bet I have several thousand dirt miles on my other bikes.

Still like dirt, just don't need an ATB to get dirty.
re: Why don't you mountain bike?kyroadie
Oct 25, 2001 1:00 PM
I am 44 years old and have been riding road bikes since 1972. I still love it as much or more today as I did when I started. I don't race anymore but still put in 3000+ road miles a year. I have been mountain biking for at least 10 years and love it too. Blonde or brunettes, I love them both.

I have roadie friends who bad mouth mountain bikers and mountain bike friends who bad mouth road bikes. Funny thing is, in most cases, they have not tried what they say they don't like.

If I had to choose one, I would stay with my first love, road bikes. I would sure miss that brunette though!
Sorry...Mel Erickson
Oct 25, 2001 2:28 PM
Road biking's the brunette and mountain biking the blonde.
I mtb so i can get to ride in places like this.Largo
Oct 25, 2001 3:19 PM
Beats the pavement.
I DO, I DO!!!! (nm)dsc
Oct 25, 2001 3:26 PM
I do, a little ...Humma Hah
Oct 25, 2001 4:07 PM
... the cruiser is actually a pretty decent MTB. But I have cut back on riding it that way so it will last ANOTHER 30 years. I do have a MTB, and ride it on an honest mountain, but can only get the opportunity every other weekend.

I'm commuting on the cruiser now, something I can do every weekday. I need to commute anyway, so why not do it on a bike, using the time I would be in a car toward riding? I have more opportunity to road-ride.
Money, divorce, etcDaveG
Oct 25, 2001 5:07 PM
I started out mountain biking, but decided I liked the road more. The only way I could convince my wife to let me get a road bike was to sell the mountain bike. While I have subsequently beaten her down to the point that I own 2 road bikes, getting a mountain bike probably would be too much for her to take. I'll have to work up to that.
re: Why don't you mountain bike?mackgoo
Oct 25, 2001 5:40 PM
I'd love to have a "nice" mountain and road but, alas I'm married my wife could care less about cycling except when it comes to me spending money on it. So I must settle on the nice road bike, it'll get more intended use.
Used to ride MTB not so much anymoreDutchy
Oct 25, 2001 5:43 PM
I rode a FS MTB for all 98 and first half 99. I just wasn't getting enough miles in.
I would ride for 2 hours and cover all of 20k/12miles. Also there are only a limited amount of tracks to ride on.
I used to ride in the National Park, but they have now banned MTB riding because a cyclist hit a
pedestrian so now no one can ride there.
As I get older (31) I also started to worry about the "higher" risk of injury, broken arms, collarbone etc.
The dangers are still there in Road but not nearly as risky.
I can't afford to be off work for 6 weeks with a banged up body.
But the MTB used to give me the biggest rush.
still ride, but...ColnagoFE
Oct 26, 2001 7:25 AM
It's definately more time consuming, you have to drive to a trailhead, and you definately risk getting injured more than road riding. To me though MTB is more technique than road riding. Also more often anaerobic.
I do!....IAmtnbikr
Oct 26, 2001 9:29 AM
Love both road and mountain biking! What's the big deal, just ride and enjoy!
Oct 26, 2001 9:45 AM
mtb's are slow getting to the trailhead, driving to the trailhead is silly. Then after riding, there's all that bike cleanup to be done, I can barely keep up with the roadbikes. Then there are all those Radikal Doodez to contend with on the trail. Plus I just don't like machines of any kind in the woods. MTB's are lots better than ATV's but personally I'd rather hike than bike a trail. On dirt roads, the old schwinn varsity with 1.25" tires works just fine, and is faster than the mtb's.
Oct 26, 2001 10:23 AM
I find that both have something to offer and actually one discipline helps the other. Road bikes are about efficiency, pushing larger gears, and precision. MTBs stress sprinting and handling skills, and being able to get out into the woods and away from the maddening crowds and picking yourself up after you wreck. My wife really doesn't like to wreck or get dirty so getting her to MTB is pretty hard.

Ultimately I think that some of roadies that don't MTB are afraid of crashing. They also don't like the idea that while they may be fit and fast on a road bike, they're novices in the dirt. they don't like the idea that while they may dominate on a road bike, they get dusted in the dirt. To be sure there's lots of practical reasons like cost, not having a good place to ride, and being good at one thing.

I've done insane rides through beautiful areas and been totally amazed by my surrooundings on both dirt and road.
think a/ thisWoof the dog
Oct 27, 2001 2:20 AM
Being a lowly cat 4 road rider, I rode with plenty of what they call "expert" mtn. bikers. These guys aren't fast at all and routinely get dropped in road races. So much for technical skills of trail riding! In their face, haha! A road biker can become a good mtn. biker pretty fast, but the reverse is not true. HEHEHE, another reason why road is superior. I am not afraid of crashing either. I just don't like cracking 100$ helmets left and right.