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Stuck seatpost in Litespeed(1 post)

Stuck seatpost in Litespeedzelig1
Aug 23, 2001 1:04 AM
I have an American Classic Al seatpost which is stuck. The bike is a Litespeed Vortex. I never noticed before but there's a sleeve, probably for sizing, inside the seat tube. This sleeve appears to be bonded/stuck to the post. The ability to rotate the post is limited and may be the result of how the sleeve is mounted in the seat tube. I'll probably take the clamp assembly off in the next few days and see if a couple of good blows with a ball peen hammer on the top of the post will break the bond.

It's not critical that I remove the post as I was looking to change the height having bought a new saddle. After a bit of wrestling I just put the old saddle back.

I've had this happen before but with steel frames and using different methods, always got the post out. Give the Ti and the sleeve, I emailed Litespeed so maybe they'll come up with a good fix. In the meantime, anybody had a similar problem and what was the solution?

I seem to recall someone suggesting ammonia as a fix for galvanic bonding although my guess is that the sleeve's Al and its just standard corrosion/oxidation creating the bond. I usually apply some anti-seize compound on my posts but I built the bike up in a rush at the same time I was moving outside of the States and just forgot.

Thanks for any and all suggestions.