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Utegra Hubs vs. Coda Hubs...NOT WHAT YOU THINK!(10 posts)

Utegra Hubs vs. Coda Hubs...NOT WHAT YOU THINK!Canidraftyou
Jun 2, 2001 10:43 PM
Hello my fellow cyclist.
I bought a new bike at the first of the year which had Coda Hubs on a set of Campy Proton Wheels. I thought maybe these wheels would not be able to put up with stess that im able to put on my bike, SO! I purchase a set of buget racers, many told me, that Mavic Open Pro's with Ultegra would be the best wheel set you can get for the money. So I thought also. Made the purchase. Last week, a good friend of mine had his wheels w/coda hubs worked on. I thought cool, I did right, in buying the Ultegra hubs...LMAO. Not three days later I started having problems with my Ultegra hubs. May i remind you, I put over 2000 miles on the Coda's since the purchase no problems to date. I put less than 500 miles on the Ultegra's. I asked my riding partner how many miles he had on his Coda hubs, it was over 12,000 miles. The joke was on me! Shimano is going to hear from me...Promise.

Just thought I would let a few of ya'll now.

"One less car would be fine with me"

Peace out!
re: Utegra Hubs vs. Coda Hubs...NOT WHAT YOU THINK!DINOSAUR
Jun 3, 2001 11:22 AM
I've read that Coda hubs are made my Hugi. Can anyone verify this?
I have Hugi hubs on my Rolf wheels, and aside from that famous Hugi grinding noise, they have been bullet proof.
re: Utegra Hubs vs. Coda Hubs...NOT WHAT YOU THINK!Hank
Jun 3, 2001 12:53 PM
Simano hubs usually come adjusted a bit tight from the factory. You need to make sure you check the adjustment, and then check it again after a brief break-in period.

I have Campy hubs with 40,000 + miles on them.
re: Utegra Hubs vs. Coda Hubs...NOT WHAT YOU THINK!Canidraftyou
Jun 3, 2001 1:43 PM
I hear yeah, talked with the local shop, and they want to look into it, and maybe do some adjustments. I never had any adjustments done to the Coda's. But im having the hubs looked at this next week.

Thanks for your reply

Peace out
re: i doubt those are coda hubs!JasonF
Jun 3, 2001 6:18 PM
My question to you is what bike do you own? My Guess is that you own a Cannondale R1000 SI. That bike comes stock with the CAMPY proton wheelset. The hubs are based upon the campy Daytona hubs. Campy has made the bold move to offer shimano compatable whells this year and Cannondale has spec.d them on a few bikes. As for the Coda hubs on the market if you have a bike from the last two years the hubs are made by SRAM. If older than that they use HUGI cassete bodies on CANNONDALE made hubs. So if I guessed right the hubs you were replacing were as good or better than the new ones. Good Luck J
re: i doubt those are coda hubs!Canidraftyou
Jun 4, 2001 12:46 AM
Thanks for your reply,
Yes you are right, I have the Cannondale R1000 Si, I was told by a second party that the hubs are Coda. I thought maybe the Open Pro's with Ultegra was going to be a nice set, but after running both wheels, I like the Protons better. Maybe its just a matter of adjustments being made? I know that the Protons have not needed any work and have ran many more miles on them vs. Open Pro's/Ultegra.

Thanks again,

Peace out
Sorry, but I'm not following this!Kerry Irons
Jun 3, 2001 7:00 PM
What "problems" did you have with your hubs. What problems did your friend have with his Codas? Even the crappiest hubs on the market (like the Shimano Acera on my commuter bike) don't need work after only 500 miles. Whatever happened to your Ultegras was either a factory defect (not common), factory adjustment problem, or they got "adjusted" by someone who didn't know what they were doing.

Good practice is to check the adjustment on hubs fresh from the factory (any brand), as you'll almost always do better yourself. Then, overhaul the hubs annually. That is, if you want them to last. If you just want to see which hubs will last the longest without adjustment or maintenance, don't do anything. Don't change the oil in your car either. You get more data that way.
Sorry, but I'm not following this!Canidraftyou
Jun 4, 2001 12:39 AM
If you don't follow, im sorry. Its simple, your a Shimano man so it looks to me, im for what works with as little problems. Ultegra is giving me trouble and the Coda's are not. Thats the story. As for changing my oil in the car "Im not following"

Peace out
It's becauseBud Lightyear
Jun 4, 2001 7:41 AM
Mr. Iron's can't make a statement nor offer advice unless he is standing on his podium and making everyone else feel like they are stupid. Perhaps he needs to lighten up.
It's becauseCanidraftyou
Jun 4, 2001 7:22 PM
I agree, I am new to RoadBikeReview Message Board, and already sick of his crap!