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Which LOOK pedal should I buy?(7 posts)

Which LOOK pedal should I buy?Low Gear
May 21, 2001 10:03 PM
Hi I recently bought me a road bike (Klein Quantum Race.) For the past two months Ive been using my Time ATACS off my mountain bike. I have saved some cash and I'm now ready for some pedals. I like LOOK's because of the platforms. I was wondering what kind of model do you guys ride and how's it been? YOur suggestions will be taken into consideration. Thanks
re: Which LOOK pedal should I buy?peloton
May 21, 2001 10:23 PM
I've been using the pp296's to my satisfaction. They are last year's model, and you can get them on sale for around $100 now. They are worth checking out. I like the wide platform of mine, and the secure feeling when clipped in. You can also adjust the float by a dial on the back in increments of 3 degrees from 0 to 9. This can help you to fine tune the feel of the pedal to your preference while out on the road.
Consider last year's PP 296 on sale....DINOSAUR
May 21, 2001 10:27 PM
You might consider the Look's PP 296, last year's top of the line model. It has an adjustable float of 0 3 6 9 degrees. Check around, saw them on sale for $80 compared to $180. I use the PP 247, same as the PP 296, but with a float of 9 degrees, which for me is too much.
How much you wanna spend?vram
May 21, 2001 10:40 PM
You can spend anywhere from $50 (PP236) to $350 (CX-7). For the best value, I would go for a PP-296 or PP-247 on a closeout. Or a PP206 which is the lightest, sells for $80 and recommended by Doug and used by my GF (she likes it--no creaks and easy to get in/out off).

I use a battered PP236--pretty low end but works fine. Will probably buy the PP296 for $50+20 (S&H) at if they are still available. I like idea of being able to adjust float on the fly without messing around with wrenches. Some folks complain about the knobs getting lost or broken during crashes...
Knob falling off still okMarlon
May 22, 2001 2:14 AM
The knob fell off my bike at some point during a ride, probably due to a small crash, but the pedals still work fine (if you don't mind not being able to fine-tune the float)
re: Which LOOK pedal should I buy?davidl
May 22, 2001 6:44 AM
I've been riding w/ 206's. Easy entry and exit. No surprises. Light. Absolutely no problems. I recommend them.
Uses 396's ++++++++>>>>>Jimm
May 22, 2001 7:33 AM
Congrats on the NICE new bike! Enjoy. You sound like me....I was swapping a set of 858's back and forth between the road and MTB --- while a pain and time consuming, I knew exactly what to expect no matter which bike I was on. Like you, I saved some $$ and decided to be a "real" roadie and purchased a set of 396 pedals and Look Carbon shoes. What a HUGE improvement over the MTB shoes/pedals! The 396's are the first single-sided pedal I've used; so, there was a short learning curve. Overall, this is an excellent pedal (and the shoes are top notch). I took a chance and went the eBay even bigger risk was purchasing from folks in the UK. Thankfully, they arrived (although it took more than twice as long as I paid for). I think Look is a good choice. Good Look ;).