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EPO Testing???????(7 posts)

EPO Testing???????NoName
May 10, 2001 11:39 AM
What's the purpose of it??? Should the UCI waste time & money on it?? Is it worth it?? What do you think??
re: EPO Testing???????9WorCP
May 10, 2001 1:08 PM
Since the test can only catch people who have taken EPO in the last three days, it seems only the truly foolish are likely to get caught. Or maybe get lucky catching a guy trying to sneak a hit in the middle of big stage race. It's a step in the right direction but w/ glaring limitations. Does anyone know for how long the hematocrit levels are boosted after taking EPO?
re: EPO Testing???????Larry Meade
May 10, 2001 1:11 PM
It seems to work as Bo Hamburger just found out. His hematocrit was legal so without the EPO test, he would still be riding. The new test detected the EPO in his system and he was fired from CSC. I suspect that the test will only be marginally useful for a limited period of time. When the riders move on the the next miracle drug, EPO will not be seen much anymore.
EPO is on the way outpeloton
May 10, 2001 1:22 PM
There are peptites, parts of protein, that can be taking to cause the body to produce it's own natural erythropotin. Unfortunately, the dopers are usually one step ahead of the testers.
re: EPO Testing???????peloton
May 10, 2001 1:18 PM
I think that Ned Overend said it best in relation to athletes doping when he stated, 'Any athlete caught doping should do jail time. It's the same thing as breaking into someone's house. It's stealing from the athletes who are clean.'

Substances on the banned list are there for the most part because they can have negative effects on the body. EPO can cause cardiac arrest due to over-thickening of the blood. Many Euro road pros have died from this over the past decade. The same goes for the ill effects of steriods and other ergogenic agents. If we didn't regulate doping, it would be giving a green light to using illicit substances to boost performance. To perform at a high level you would really have to follow the herd and dope. That really isn't right to expect an athlete to dope just to do what they were given a God-given talent to do. Simply, no regulations- some athletes dope, clean athletes are robbed. All athletes have to deal with the short and long term effects of these substances. Some athletes who refuse to risk their health will miss out on their opportunity to perform. Their opportunity is stolen from them. This can mean the well deserved, yet stolen spot on a college team, or the robbery of millions of dollars in the case of an Olympic medal. If an athlete dopes and wins an Olympic medal over a clean athlete, has not the clean athlete been robbed of monetary endorsements? How is that differnet from taking the clean athlete's wallet? It's just done a different way. Regulations- hopefully doping is stopped. The playing field is level once again, athletes don't have to risk their health for sport. Those who are caught doping are stigmatized, and banned.

My career has involved athletics at a high level. My experience has shown me that a doper is nothing more than a thief. Stolen opportunity is no different than a stolen commodity.
Well said!! nmGregJ
May 10, 2001 4:35 PM
Actually EPO is great...Bruno S
May 10, 2001 8:05 PM
One of the most succesful drugs ever created with genetic engineering. Sales of EPO last year alone were 4 billion dollars. Thousands of cancer and kidney disease patients use it to live better lives and as an aid in recovery. Its a shame its being abused by athletes while there are sick people that need it but do not have access to it because of its price.