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Weak HRM Transmitter battery affected by Wind ??(2 posts)

Weak HRM Transmitter battery affected by Wind ??Crank
Mar 11, 2002 4:04 PM
I previously posted (approx 4 weeks ago) a query on a Polar protrainer NV that gives phantom readings when descending hills at speed or cruising on windy days. Climbing and still days produce normal readings. The phantom readings are usually around 100 beats more than the actual reading just prior to it going haywire. When I stop, the reading returns to normal shortly after. The replies to the previous post suggested moistening the transmitter, which I already do plus the fact it is summer down here so there is already a lot of sweat present, using KY gel, which I am now trying, but I am still getting these blasted readings. In fact it is happening more often. My question being, If the transmitter battery is weak / weakening can this affect the transmission strength and in turn the readings calculated. I am guessing that if the transmission to the monitor is weak, wind could affect it. The transmitter is around 3 years old. Any ideas.
re: Weak HRM Transmitter battery affected by Wind ??samcat
Mar 11, 2002 6:13 PM
Does it always happen in the same location(s)? RF interference from utility towers/ broadcast towers, cell phone transmitters, etc. will cause erratic readings.

Battery is usually good for about 2000 hours...including all the time you've got it strapped on and all the time it's sitting damp, if you've not rinsed the salt off it and dried it off after using...IIRC