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Weak HRM Transmitter battery affected by Wind ??(3 posts)

Weak HRM Transmitter battery affected by Wind ??Crank
Mar 11, 2002 4:03 PM
I previously posted (approx 4 weeks ago) a query on a Polar protrainer NV that gives phantom readings when descending hills at speed or cruising on windy days. Climbing and still days produce normal readings. The phantom readings are usually around 100 beats more than the actual reading just prior to it going haywire. When I stop, the reading returns to normal shortly after. The replies to the previous post suggested moistening the transmitter, which I already do plus the fact it is summer down here so there is already a lot of sweat present, using KY gel, which I am now trying, but I am still getting these blasted readings. In fact it is happening more often. My question being, If the transmitter battery is weak / weakening can this affect the transmission strength and in turn the readings calculated. I am guessing that if the transmission to the monitor is weak, wind could affect it. The transmitter is around 3 years old. Any ideas.
my polar s210 does the same thing...g-money
Mar 11, 2002 7:42 PM
and it's brand new. I have a fairly wide back and I'm not sure if this has something to do with it or not. I notice it less if I have on a few layers. I think it's ultimatly caused by turbulence over the transmitter, I talked to polar and they said that it doesn't effect your average heart rate. I tend to not believe this, but that's what they said. I use the electrode cream and it still does it... Don't know, but I doubt it's your batteries...
re: Weak HRM Transmitter battery affected by Wind ??tempeteKerouak
Mar 12, 2002 7:29 AM
My Polar monitor (few months old) will display reading of 288! It reads normally, then jumps.

I noted it happens when my stopwatch ( i use a simple BEAT Polar (cheapest) and a commun Timex watch for timing intervalles) When the Timex goes off, the Polar gets some interference. It happens only when they are quite close one to the other.

This has not been reproduced yet with the bike computer...

Apparently the better Polar models are coded and this is not supposed to happen...