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Velomax Orion Comp vs. Crono Aerohead Road(9 posts)

Velomax Orion Comp vs. Crono Aerohead RoadScummer
Mar 11, 2002 11:33 AM
I've narrowed my wheel upgrade search to these two wheels. Both use same rim and straight pull spokes. Anyone have an opinion or experience with one or both? (I'm 6' 170 lbs. ride a Litespeed Classic. Ride lots of centuries and some TTs.)
re: Velomax Orion Comp vs. Crono Aerohead Roadweiwentg
Mar 11, 2002 2:24 PM
I only have experience with the Aeroheads - great wheels, great hubs, horrifyingly fast. I don't believe you can go wrong with either set. the Orions have spoke nipples mounted on the rims, which is where they lose out to the Cronos. I actually contacted Velomax to ask them about their rim weights (was eyeing the Ascent Comps) and they gave me a figure of 410-415 grams, which is right around what Aerohead rims weigh (Mike Garcia on Odds and Endos says that the Aeroheads average around 408). The reason I went with Aeroheads was because of a) less rotating weight, b) hub mounted nipples are less likely to sieze because they will collect less crud (I hope) and c) nobody appreciates the Aeroheads, so if you look on eBay you can get them for a hell of a lot less than a set of Velomaxes.
as I said, though, you most likely cannot go wrong with either set. at your weight, you MAY be able to use their Ascent Comps - but you're a borderline case given their weight guidelines, and anyway if you were thinking about using Orions, you're probably going to be too hard on the Ascents.
I got my Cronos from an eBay seller who had two sets, both of which failed to meet reserve price (I told you they were a very underappreciated wheelset). I got them for $365 plus shipping, and you most likely would not be able to get a set of Velomaxes cheaper (unless you know something I don't). that same seller was just selling his other set, but it didn't meet reserve (wierd, no?). if you'd like to get in contact with him to make a deal (he's trustworthy, I can vouch for him), here's the listing:
sorry if I offended anyone with that ... I can assure you that they're NOT my wheels. there is basically no way in hell that I will sell them.
bought 7 aeroheads and all were > 418 gms....... nmCT1
Mar 11, 2002 10:07 PM
re: Velomax Orion Comp vs. Crono Aerohead Roadsodade
Mar 11, 2002 4:32 PM
My new Merlin came with Orions. I weigh 155-160 and am not especially strong. The roads I ride on are bad (New England), but not horrible. Here is my report after 200 miles:

the front wheel is nice, stiff and tracks well. The rear wheel is noticably flexy - when I stand and rock the bike while climbing, it is totally rubbing on the brake pad.
I haven't hit any serious potholes and the rear needs to be trued already. Maybe it is a break-in thing, but no matter - as soon as my Open Pro/ Chris Kings come from Excel it is ebay time for the Orions....
re: Velomax Orion Comp vs. Crono Aerohead RoadIan
Mar 11, 2002 4:58 PM
I've been riding Orion's for 3,000 miles. I have had no problems with them, which is great considering I tip the scales at 210 lbs.

The nipples are at the rim, but if / when they do need truing, it will be much easier than the Cane Creek wheel. Those nipples are at the hub and require special tools.

Both spokes are not straight pull. The Cronos are straight pull, they have a forged head. The Orions are threaded at both ends. Forged heads, whether straight pull or J-bend are weaker than threads, so Velomax uses this to crank up the spoke tension and make a stronger wheel.

And those Cronos, ugh, is that the one with the blue rim? Maybe if it comes in another color, but that alone is enough that I wouldn't ride it. I know, I'm a fashion slave.
re: Velomax Orion Comp vs. Crono Aerohead Roadweiwentg
Mar 11, 2002 5:37 PM
normal Cronos have black rims (when they spin, the decals create this blue/white flash that is really cool). the team model has a blue powdercoated rim - adds weight.
Team model.Ian
Mar 12, 2002 5:17 AM
That is the model I have seen. That blue powdercoat is ugly. Black is cool.
~2500 mile reportPsyDoc
Mar 12, 2002 6:36 AM
I am 5'-9" and weigh 170. I have been riding Velomax Orion's for about 6 months now and the wheels are fantastic, in my opinion. I had used Dura Ace hubs laced to Open Pro's for years, but the Velomax's are a much better ride, in my opinion. The Velomax's are as true as the day they arrived and the roads in South Georgia have their fair share of problems. I did have a problem with the rear wheel that Velomax quickly remedied. The bearings in the rear wheel went bad after a few hundred miles of riding. Velomax indicated that they recently switched bearing manufacturers due to such problems. Velomax's customer service was great and they called me twice; once to let me know they got the wheels and a second time to tell me what was wrong.
Go with the Velomax Orion Comp'sOn the rivet
Mar 12, 2002 5:49 PM
They are the best wheelset I have ever used. They climb so well and really hold up to every day use. The bearings are the smoothest out there. Wheels I have had in the past are Rolf VP's ,Campagnolo Nucleon's and your run of the mill stock hub paired with Open Pros.