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Bike camp(2 posts)

Bike campAndante
Mar 11, 2002 11:11 AM
Anyone tried any bike camps? I will never be a winner in any races, but I would like to go to one of the weeklong courses that teach skills, nutrition, etc. I figure this would be a better learning experience than a weeklong bike ride/tour. I have heard of the Phinney camps, but what can be recommended?
Carpenter/Phinney bike campPaulCL
Mar 11, 2002 12:56 PM
I went last summer. The best vacation I have ever had. Period. Had a complete blast.

We had about 25+ "campers" and four group leaders plus two massage therapists (one is Phil Ligget's wife), three or four support people, plus a bunch of Davis and Connie's friends (former and current racers) hanging out and giving instruction. For example: Ron Kiefel, Dr. Ed Burke,etc. In the past, there have been some other big names there too. Our campers ranged from a South African neo-pro, to Cat 1 racers to me down to people who just got seriously into cycling that year. Ages ranged from 17 to about 45+. About 18 men and 7 women.

I highly reccomend camp. If it wouldn't cause a divorce, I'd go every single year. Email me with any questions or more info - I'm happy to promote thier camp.