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First pair of real cycling shoes...HOW?(8 posts)

First pair of real cycling shoes...HOW?blm
Mar 11, 2002 9:22 AM

I'll admit that i rode those clips for a long time, mostly mtb, and that all you read on this forum is that once you try clipless you never go back. Well i went to try a few pairs yesterday and those things felt quite cramped even if i was wearing cycling socks!

Anyway, the new bike came with spd compatible pedals so i might as well give it a go so here's the question in detail:

-how are they supposed to feel (snug, thight, comfy etc)
-do i get mtb shoes so i can use them on several bikes
-how do i get a real pair for the least amount...sorry for the ''get the wide sidi's crowd'' they are way out of my budget for now (but i have wiiide size 9 feet)
-do road shoes have specific sizing/fitting or is it as i think it is: same thing but mtb shoes have threads added for walkability (a great quality for a pair of shoes!)

the reason i'm asking is that i want to avoid getting something ill fitting or too specific but i still want to avoid those hiking shoes lookalikes.

hope it is clear and it probably qualifies as a newbie question as well!
re: First pair of real cycling shoes...HOW?tarwheel
Mar 11, 2002 9:41 AM
The best advice I can give you is to buy the shoes at a store that allows returns if you ride them a few times and find the shoes don't fit. I would avoid getting shoes too tight, but you definitely don't want them loose either. Different brands fit differently, like anything else. My feet are narrow, so that ruled out Shimanos, Carnacs and a few others. Sidis and Diadoras seem to fit my feet best. I bought my shoes at Performance, in part because they have very liberal return policies, but also because they have a wide selection and a number of models usually on sale. I bought and exchanged 4 different pairs of shoes before I found the ones that fit me just right (Sidi G3s).

Mtn bike shoes with SPDs are fine for road riding, particularly if you ride off-road as well and want to use the same shoes. I used SPDs and mtn shoes for a year before finally getting some road pedals, mainly because the SPDs caused hot spots on my soles during longer rides. I still miss the convenience of SPDs and mtn shoes, however, and have kept some SPDs on my backup bike for that reason.
"All you read on this forum is that once you try clipless..."Ahimsa
Mar 11, 2002 9:48 AM
" never go back."

I did.

Wanna buy mine?

Kidding...returned 'em already.


A. (Retro goon when it comes to pedals...)
re: First pair of real cycling shoes...HOW?JimP
Mar 11, 2002 11:00 AM
Bottom line - make sure they are comfortable. I have had problems with my feet burning, going numb (the feet!), cramping, etc. because the shoes were too narrow. I like the shoe to feel snug but not tight. I have finally paid the high price for Carnac and wont go back to other brands for my road shoes. I bought a cheap pair for my hybrid with SPD pedals and wish I had paid more. They just haven't held up. Good luck and happy riding
Yup, they aren't rock shoes.jtolleson
Mar 11, 2002 12:00 PM
Buy something that is roomy like a sneaker and comfortable to walk in. If it has good microadjustments for cinching done, you can get the snugness you need for pedaling effeciency without cutting off the circulation to your toes.
My experience. . .js5280
Mar 11, 2002 3:38 PM
I went w/ SPD's for both my mountain and road for the convienence. I think the SPD are great for new clipless users because of the adjustible release tension and they're inexpensive. You want a pair of cycling shoes to be comfy. Your feet will swell as your riding so you don't want something tight off the bat. Also helps if you happen to be wearing bulkier socks that day. However you will want to be able to snug them down so you have a solid connection. It's common to adjust your shoe straps during a ride, that's why a lot have velcro or other on-the-fly easy to change systems. Also they might strech a little over time. I bought the Performance ATB Trophy my first time, I think you can get them for $50-60 bucks on sale. Good quality shoe, looks good, and has a stiff sole but still comfortable to walk in. You should buy what fits your feet though, there are many out there and often can be found on clearance. I like MTB shoes vs. road shoes because you can walk in them w/out sliding, wearing down the cleat, and you can hop on either bike w/out having two sets of shoes/cleats. Yes, the main difference tween road and MTB is the tread on the bottom. In most cases, it's the only difference.
re: First pair of real cycling shoes...HOW?walter
Mar 11, 2002 4:18 PM
Like you I needed a shoe that could accomadate a wide foot (12EE). Also like you I found the Sidi price hard to swallow. Tried to score some Genius 3s on closeout as the 4s came out but no luck. LBS turned me onto Specialized. Their 47s fit quite well, even comfortable with gym socks when my limited collection of CoolMax socks are in the hamper. Cost was about $100 out the door. I'm set up for Looks but am pretty sure they can go SPD as well.

Prior to that I was riding some older/cheaper Nikes that were mostly mesh so they stretched out reasonably well but the Specialized are a huge improvement.
re: First pair of real cycling shoes...HOW?maximum15
Mar 12, 2002 10:13 AM
I just put a pair of used Carnac shoes on ebay (size 44 which would be about right). Used is sometimes an altenative to get good quality at a low price.