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What's wrong with your bike that you don't want to fix?(25 posts)

What's wrong with your bike that you don't want to fix?Spoke Wrench
Mar 11, 2002 6:08 AM
I've got a rear brake cable housing that's too short. Fixing it would require fishing the new cable through the frame tube and rewrapping the handlebar.
dirty! drivetrain clean, but everything else filthy...Js Haiku Shop
Mar 11, 2002 6:13 AM
forgot to mention
little hop in the rear wheel
tired of truing!

maybe a flat spot
those cxp21 rims
problems since day one

come to think of it
that bike needs new cables, too
and some fresh bar tape

but i've changed the chain
and installed a new cassette
only recently
Mine's spotless now!!!look271
Mar 13, 2002 1:23 PM
Saw your post. Rained today. Couldn't ride.Cleaned bike. Happy now. (Pedro's bike lust is great stuff.)
re: Mine's spotless now!!!JS Haiku Shop
Mar 14, 2002 7:34 AM
yep, knee cooked, hobbling around house, taking care of "honey-do" list, and now working on bikes. two down, two to go. not going to clean the mtb. :o)

new cables, housing, bar wrap, rim tape, tubes, tires, clean and wax the frames, wipe down rims and spokes, pull chain and cassette and degrease/clean, blah, blah, blah. amazing what you can do with time off the bike.

also amazing how fast i'm losing form.
Save yourself some time.look271
Mar 14, 2002 10:32 AM
Try Pedro's bike lust. Cleans and waxes. Just spray it on and wipe it off. Nice silicone shine, no water on frame. Bought a big bottle 2 yrs ago. Still mostly full-lasts forever. Get that knee better!
SAVE time? all i have is time on weekends now...JS Haiku Shop
Mar 14, 2002 11:44 AM
i'm PINING for the ride. it's a killer being without a knee...i was tempted to get back on the trainer with left leg only, but (1) i might overdo it with just one leg, and (2) then i'm going to have to work the other one that much harder to play catch-up once i'm back to abby-normal.

UGH! it's like cabin feeeveer! and it's SEVENTY and sunny here today for the first time this year...

Don't sweat it.look271
Mar 14, 2002 2:28 PM
You should have a good base. Won't take too much to get back into a lean-mean-riding machine =). Just don't go crazy and re-injure the knee when you get back on. BTW-sunny here, 60ish, did hill intervals(my new personal torture rte-a 0.7 mile climb-not too steep, followed by a short flat/downhill with a 1.2 mile climb that has some really steep sections @ the end, just for fun. Coast and spin for 5 minutes back to the start and do it again, total of 3X. Working up to 4X. I'll either be in climbing shape, or DEAD =0 ).
might want to add...JS Haiku Shop
Mar 14, 2002 2:49 PM
a few layers of wool undergarments, and a plastic bag over your head and upper torso, just for good measure. it's a hot climb up lookout mountain at 80 miles.

oh, and 5-lb ankle weights. and don't drink anything for at least 12 hours prior to your hillwork.

heh, heh, heh...
Been "swinging a lead bat"look271
Mar 14, 2002 3:14 PM
Riding an old Nishiki steel bike for those. At least 5lbs heavier than the kg and it's geared a little taller. I am determined to be ready! (I did a 100k ride last year the weekend of last year's 3/3-had 6500 ft of climbing and I SUCKED ALOT.) Worst ride of my life. I have vowed that that will not happen again!
my knee will gauge the weekend's effort...JS Haiku Shop
Mar 15, 2002 6:23 AM
of course, i'm driving there a full day early to ride the last climb. :-)

provided i'm back on my knee and riding as normal by then (minus a few weeks base and training), i'll either ride both centuries that weekend, or just do the 3/3 to the best of my ability. won't be hard to beat last year's 9 hour time. i'm sure hoping to be back at it for cheaha the following day, though!!!
Bike fine. Rider needs to drop 15 lbs. Don't want to fix. nmmorrison
Mar 11, 2002 6:57 AM
I second that one. nmbigdave
Mar 11, 2002 8:14 AM
re: What's wrong with your bike that you don't want to fix?AllUpHill
Mar 11, 2002 7:14 AM
Nice Bike: rear der. cable lost it's end cap in saturday's race and is all frayed and crazy. if i trimmed and capped it again, it'd be too short so I'd have to replace it. just gonna leave it a while. Stupid Dura-Ace bottom bracket could probably stand to be taken out and re-packed with grease soon, but going to wait until it completely and utterly fails so I have an excuse to get an Ultegra. Rear hub in non-race wheelset is making awful grumbling noises. That I really should get checked fixed or replaced.

Not as nice bike: Rusted cables, out of true wheels, paint chips on steel frame. Really meant to work on it last week but I don't ride it that often this time of year so the motivation's just not there.
need to replace bar tape and overhaul hubsgtx
Mar 11, 2002 8:06 AM
been meaning to replace the ill-looking Cinelli cork tape on one bike for the past year. I also need to overhaul about three sets of hubs. Otherwise my bikes are pretty dialed.
I hate to play with headsets; too tight, too loose, why did I...tempeteKerouak
Mar 11, 2002 8:52 AM
undo it in the fist place!

it's always been the same. Now all my bikes are equipped with a-head style bearings and stems, but I still freak over the friction...

My road bike is brand new (Cane Creek Hdst...) and causes no problems, but I still wake up in sweats once in a while because I read here these where not trouble-free!!!

Ha ha ha.
Ratty bar tape, teeny rear wheel wobble, missing end capscory
Mar 11, 2002 8:54 AM
Fortunately, though, I've put off installing the fenders until it's nearly time to take them off, so I'm OK on that one.
i need to inflate my tires..colker
Mar 11, 2002 9:28 AM
and i hate doing it. i'm always riding on low psi.
my fixed project has taken up most of my bedroom floorSpirito di Finocchio
Mar 11, 2002 9:31 AM
girlfriend is sick of hopping over it but im sure its at least more aesthetically pleasing than gustav klimt prints or an unused yoga mat.

i have every single piece and every last bolt waiting and ready to be put together.
and my excuse is that its too cold for me to go up on the roof and strip the paint and refinish it (i live in an apartment). of course i could build the wheels up but my apathy and voice for excuses tell me to start with the frame first and then do the wheels and bolt together the parts.

its all been waiting since november (when it was to be my winter ride). so much for me being fancy about wanting to do my own custom repaint.

my road bike is fine, clean and fully operational and sits in the hallway with my friends bike that has been waiting for me to repack and grease its tired old hubs.

of course the lumber i bought from home depot for a custom bike rack still sits on the side of the fridge after 2 months as well.

luckily my roomate doesn't mind my decor inspired by bike bits and pieces and i think its cute that her cat likes chewing on the heel of my carnac's and sleeping on top of my waiting to be washed bike jerseys.
That is today's project..The back up bikeLone Gunman
Mar 11, 2002 10:27 AM
Actually last evening and then today. Got rid of that stupid cage bearings in my old headset and added enough bearings that the race cups are now full and the thing turns like it is new. Repacked and adjusted the hubs, touched up the frame dings from the special quick release paint and a wash and wax job.
Somebody did that to mine, and I wanted to throttle him ...Humma Hah
Mar 11, 2002 2:29 PM
... When I had HH powdercoated last year, CyclArt announce that they had new NOS headset races for the bike, and mine were definitely trashed. I said "Great, replace them." I got the bike back, and immediately noticed the much better handling.

About a month later, I needed to remove the fork. I loosened the headset, and bearings rained all over the place! Sumbitch had replaced the almost new cage bearings with loose bearings, along with the cups and cones. The problem is, it is very tricky to deal with uncaged bearings both on the top and bottom simultaneously, and unnecessary. Most of the load goes only on the bottom set. I reassembled the bike with loose bearings in the bottom, caged in the top. Still handles great, but is less tricky to work on.
depends on the bike..dotkaye
Mar 11, 2002 10:39 AM
race bike is fine, except I want new aerobars that will allow mounting bar-end shifters.. don't feel like spending $120 right now, so I'll live with it.

the "mighty schwinn" continental needs a new saddle, brake and shifter cables and housings, it's a bit of a mess. Also a paint job.

the project bike, asian schwinn paramount, is in irreducible pieces.. still need to clean and repack the hubs, then start reassembly.
Fixing it would change its very nature ...Humma Hah
Mar 11, 2002 2:22 PM
... EVERYTHING is wrong with my bike. There's no fixing it. Weighs maybe 2.5x as much as a roadbike should, no gears, unaerodynamic, inefficient. Any attempt to fix it (such as converting to roadbike wheels or wedging a derailleur onto it) would simply make the other flaws stick out worse.

Yet, for some inexplicable reason, those flaws make it uniquely suited to me. The bike BEGS me to do my own personal best to overcome its shortcomings. I've ridden better, faster bikes, but never put out my best effort on them. That's a flaw in the rider.

So I leave it as is, warts and all. The only solution to its problems is a totally different, lighter, more efficient bike. One that would not make me work so hard. And each time I consider that, I have to wonder just what makes that such a good thing?
You bike has CHARACTER, man! nmSlipstream
Mar 11, 2002 6:09 PM
re: What's wrong with your bike that you don't want to fix?C-mond
Mar 11, 2002 4:49 PM
Have the same problem, front brake cable though. My handle bar tape does not exactly cover the entire reminds me of a stupid crash though. Lost dura ace shifter cap- that has no function anyways. Ahh and i have a bent rear skewer that does not cause problems if I put the rear wheel in a certain way. Small hop in the back wheel.

No has never failed in a race.

The torn handle bar tape I prefer because it is kind of like a scar, and I appreciate scars.
Not cleaned in ages. nmLeisure
Mar 12, 2002 5:31 AM