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Newbie: Trek 2200, Klein Quantum or Other(7 posts)

Newbie: Trek 2200, Klein Quantum or Othermbologna
Mar 10, 2002 2:22 PM
Hi all! I'm a runner who is spending more and more time on the bike to cross-train. I'm looking to buy a nice bike I can use for training, to do some rides (like the MS and AIDS rides), maybe some road racing and definitely some duathlons/triathlons. I currently ride a 1984 Bridgestone 200, so anything will be easier.

After some research, I've been looking pretty hard at the Trek 2200 and the Klein Quantum. They are a little more than I wanted to spend, but both seem like great bikes for the money. My queston is how to decide, and is one better than the other? As best I can tell, the Klein frame may be a little smoother as far as absorbing bumps, but the equipment on the Trek is a little better.

Anybody have experience with either of these or both? Will one do better than the other over longer rides and races? I tested both yesterday, and the Klein seems a little smoother, but I seem to 'fit' the Trek a little better.

As a newbie, anything specific I should look for? Am I in the right ballpark as far as a bike that will meet the needs I describe above?

Also, any thoughts on a double versus triple chainring? I'm inclined to go with the triple, just to have the option.


houston, TX
re: Newbie: Trek 2200, Klein Quantum or Othergonzo77
Mar 10, 2002 4:55 PM
Either one of these bikes will do whether you're using it for cross training or racing. The Trek is gonna have better parts with an Ultegra drivetrain, and the 105 brakes and front dr don't really matter much. But the Klein does have a nicer frame, not just in looks and finish but it uses a nicer aluminum which probably gives it the nicer feel, but hope you don't have to change cables often, those internally routed cables are a pain to install. They both have a lifetime warranty on frames and forks so they're backed by the companies. AS for your double/triple dillema it all depends on where you live or plan on traveling. I live in Miami, Fl and don't take many vacations with my bike, so I sure don't need a triple. But if you have nasty hills and climbs where you live then definitely consider the triple. As for fit, make sure the shop where you but it at does a complete fitting on you, not just set your saddle height and send you off. They should change your stem and handlebar if needed, especially since Trek usually sends stems that are too short. With a correct fitting your should fit the same on both bikes. If you want frame quality go with the Klein, if you want components, go with the Trek. Hope this helps with your decision.
in Houston try Cycle Spectrumpat in cal
Mar 10, 2002 5:29 PM
my brother who got me into cycling; got his last bike from Cycle spectrum in Houston - a Motobecane le Champion - basicly the same as a Trek 2300 - but he paid like $1100 for full ultegra -- might be worth checking out
re: Newbie: Trek 2200, Klein Quantum or OtherS-U-B
Mar 10, 2002 11:04 PM
How much are those two bikes going for? I'm figuring around 1400 or so? If that is your budget, you can also check out the Cervelo Prodigy at Supergo for 1399. Correct me If I'm wrong, but Cervelo is known for it's use in triathlons which seems right up your alley (sp?). good luck with whatever you go with.
re: Newbie: Trek 2200, Klein Quantum or Othermbologna
Mar 11, 2002 5:20 AM
Thanks for the info from everyone! The Trek is $1529, the Klein about $100 more. After posting this question, I read some more and started wondering if the LSB guy didn't fit me quite right, at least on the Klein. I'm 5'8" maybe 5'9" and have a 30' inseam. He put me on a 54cm frame for both bikes. Reading about the geometry, this looks okay on the Trek, but not quite right on the Klein. Any thoughts?

I'm also going to try another store or two just to see what else is out there in this range, but I'm anxious to get something so I can retire the 30 lb. Bridgestone!

People talk about the Klein frame being more durable, but what does this mean? Do bike frames eventually 'give out'? Or, does this mean one is more likely to break in the event of a crash?

Thanks again!

Trek 2200, Klein Quantum or OtherTig
Mar 11, 2002 6:19 AM
Trek measures their frames from the center of the bottom bracket to the TOP of the seat collar. Most frames are measured from center to center or top of the top tube. I ride a 54 cm Trek, but a 51 or 52 in everything else. The equivalent size to Trek's 54 will be a Klein 52. If the person you talked to doesn't know the difference, then you should work with someone who DOES! Fit is very important on a road bike.

I have an older 2200 and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The new frames aren't much better, but they are better equipped. The new 2300's at least have the same new ZR 9000 alloy that Gary Klein came up with for the Q-Pro Carbon and is supposed to be a great improvement over the old Alpha SL. At least that is what he told me! I told him about my gripes against my 2200 and he explained in general terms why it rode so poorly (NOT stiff bottom bracket, too stiff vertical compliance and resulting rough ride, and too heavy). I agreed whole heartily. The Icon parts were not as good or light as similar parts available either, but the newer 2200's are much better spec'ed. The best thing about the 2200 is the geometry. They come with nice long top tubes, which I like. Unfortunately it steers too twitchy for my tastes. The new ones have nice Ultegra shifters, cranks, and rear derailleur, which is all you'll need for a while.

Klein has a steeper seat tube for a more forward riding position. This is usually preferred for tri/duathlon riders (although he makes a different time trial frame for this) as well as criterium riders. The quality of Klein is still strong after Trek bought them. The full 105 group isn't as nice as the 2200's mix, but they at least share the same Bontrager wheel set. You may want to test ride similar equipped bikes from Cannondale and LeMond as well.

Bottom line between these two if for you to test ride them (again if you already have) and see which one speaks to you. Make sure they are set up the same way (seat height & position, bar height). Try to get them to let you test ride for more than a lap around the parking lot or block.

Are you looking at Bike Barn? If so, which location? I know the owners at the Clear Lake store really well. Become a member of the Space City Cycling Club and you can get discounts on all purchases. I don't know if that includes bikes though.
Trek 2200, Klein Quantum or Othermbologna
Mar 11, 2002 7:48 AM

Thanks for the detailed info. I went to Bike Barn, but the one in West U. The guy was very helpful (and patient), but he didn't take any measurements. Is this common? He seemed to know what he was talking about, (but then again, I don't know much about bikes.)

I'm going to try a couple stores out in Clear Lake tonight to see what else is available and to see how the service is elsewhere. The West U store is just most convenient.

Based on the first ride(s) the Trek seemed to fit like a glove, but I think if I got the smaller frame Klein it might be different.

I'll give it a try. I also want to look at some other bikes, but these both seem so much better than what I currently have!

One other question: is it worth it to get a triple as opposed to the double chainring? I like the idea of more options, particularly while I'm just getting started, and for the hills going into Austin, but I wonder if I'll really need it.

Thanks again.

Houston, TX