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Do you believe in divine intervention?.....(9 posts)

Do you believe in divine intervention?.....Bike Bum
Mar 10, 2002 2:10 PM
I talked to a guy on a multi-day charity ride a month ago who had this great story to tell.
He wasn't a cyclist but believed in the cause of the charity ride. He had a cyclist friend who was pushing him to get a bike and do the Ride. This non-cyclist is in his mid-thirties, Married with 4 kids, he didn't have much time if any to train and no money for a bike and all the support gear any cyclist would need that goes with it (helmet, gloves, pants, shoes, etc...).
He told his friend he couldn't do it for the reasons stated, and his cycling buddy told him to pray about it (now don't run away yet...this gets good). Anyway he takes his friends advice and prays about it.
The following weekend he's out driving through his neighborhood and passes a garage sale and spots a bike. He stops to check it out and start talking to the owner, who use too race and but had to give it up. The bike owner takes a look at the guy and they both are identical in height, weight, and body type even down to the same shoe and head size.
This guy buys the bike, which is a DeRosa racing bike that fits him like glove, three sets of shorts with jersys, high end performance shoes, helmet, gloves, a bike pump and a repair stand for $75....
I think this is a great story....what you think?
re: Do you believe in divine intervention?.....Elefantino
Mar 10, 2002 2:36 PM
Follow up question: Was he happy, or did he say, "God, I asked for a Colnago, not a DeRosa."?

Just wondering.
re: Do you believe in divine intervention?.....peloton
Mar 10, 2002 2:55 PM
Three sets of used cycling shorts? That could only be the work of the devil. Funky and nasty. I think Seinfeld said it best when he told Kramer to keep his boys in his neighborhood....

Cool story. Makes you wonder.
re: Do you believe in divine intervention?.....Bike Bum
Mar 10, 2002 3:29 PM
You know I hadn't thought about the "used shorts" being the work of the Devil....Guess there's a penance for every blessing...
re: Do you believe in divine intervention?.....DINOSAUR
Mar 10, 2002 4:09 PM
I don't know if you would call it devine intervention, but I've had similiar experiences. Like after I retired and was sitting around our house one day and dug up an old issue of Bicycling magazine and started leafing through it and came across a two page photo of Fausto Coppi which inspired me to take up cycling again after not doing any serious riding for about 12 years. I wonder what would have happend if I had thrown that magazine out....
re: Do you believe in divine intervention?.....YES.long rant.bic
Mar 10, 2002 9:09 PM
About six years ago I was getting so fat I could not bend down to even pick up anything I dropped and still breath. I saw a poster at work for the Leukemia Societies "Team In Training". Both my father and brother had died from Leukemia. My wife was then also battling breast cancer. Half way through the marathon program my knees were not able to keep up. I switched to the century program. I was working as a mailman and delivering papers in the morning. Taking care of my wife and family at night. I was not able to even ride my bike for the three months before our ride. El Tour de Tucson 1996. I only went because I had asked everyone I knew and lots of those who I did not to support me. Almost a year from my beginning. I thought I would just ride till I could not and get sagged back. Just to save face. Found out that the ride passed our hotel at the 50 mile mark. Yes, my out. I never saw my hotel or even knew when I "passed" it. Did all 110 miles in just over 10 hours. My wife and friends, whom I had asked to pray when I thought I would be about halfway done, set up a big welcome at the airport. We missed our flight and they had to leave. My wife passed away three months later.

That summer I took my two sons on a canoe trip down a river near our home. The canoe tipped over as we passed a rapid. I had allowed us to canoe without putting on our life jackets. My oldest son made it to shore, my youngest then 11, looked at me and said "I can't make it". He had been sitting on his life jacket and I was able to get him to his brother on the shore, just as the current dragged me back out. I don't know anything about time or such. I only remember being sucked down again and again, looking up at the sky as I went down again and again. Kicking my tennis shoes off. At one point I knew I was going to drown and thought it was not that bad. Till I heard my two sons yelling. "Dad, dad, dad." As they ran along the rivers edge. My only vision was of them standing on the edge of the river as they dragged for my body. It was if I was looking up from the bottom and seeing them as they looked back. First their mom and now me. When I managed to get back to the top I remembered the only thing I could. Swim on my back, a stroke call the frog. I did not know which way or anything. Just do it. They dragged me out and on to the shore.
re: Do you believe in divine intervention?.....mackgoo
Mar 11, 2002 6:11 AM
So what's the case for the guy out on a picture perfect summer day, and gets squashed by a SUV, killed right there on the spot?
re: Do you believe in divine intervention?.....DINOSAUR
Mar 11, 2002 8:48 AM
I think about this ever since I had a bad crash riding my bike two years ago (solo crash, blew front tire while descending).

At least I'll go doing something that I love. Road cycling does have it's inherent danger, I think that is part of the mystique of the sport.

The thing that really scares me is driving on the freeways in Ca. I'll take my chances on a road bike any day...
re: Do you believe in divine intervention?.....Bike Bum
Mar 11, 2002 9:21 PM
That I believe, would fall under non-intervention.....