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Elephant Rock Century Castlerock, CO(9 posts)

Elephant Rock Century Castlerock, COYellowlab
Mar 10, 2002 10:44 AM
Anyone ever ridden in this centruy before? i am thinking about making it my first attempt and wanted to know what you thought of the ride. Tough, easy fun bad etc.


Rock On for E-Rockjtolleson
Mar 10, 2002 11:00 AM
This is a LARGE (maybe 5,000 riders) and fairly well supported event, so not a bad choice for one's first century. It is also very pretty, though being in early June, it has definitely been plagued with afternoon T-storms (start so that you can finish by 2 pm).

Make no mistake, this is a HILLY century. Sure, it doesn't include any mountain passes, but this is rolling country with a number of climbs of 2-4 miles. I find the century option fairly challenging. Being on the edge of the plains, you can also get a little wind.

Start early, carry a rain jacket, and rock on. I'll be there, too!
More information pleaseterry b
Mar 10, 2002 6:05 PM
Is there a web site? Phone number?

Good excuse for me to visit my kids in the Springs.
go hereBikinCO
Mar 10, 2002 8:50 PM
maybe not......surly357
Mar 11, 2002 9:03 AM
The feedback I'm getting from customers is that Elephant Rock is just too big for it's own good these days. Too many riders unaware of safety, bike hating motorists, parking hassles, etc. Have heard the century they do in Cheyenne, while windy, is well run, small, and friendly. I think the main shop up there is called the Bicycle Station. It's only an hour or so north of Denver, give them a call?
Mar 11, 2002 3:03 PM
The ride is the Tour de Prairie and it usually takes place on the third Saturday in June (6/22/02). This year the route is different than the past, and there will only be a metric century option. It IS well run and friendly, and cyclists number in the hundreds rather than the thousands. The wind is the worst part, as there just isn't much to block it. The Bicycle Station is the place to get questions answered, and their number is (800)877-4268.

I have ridden the Elephant Rock several times and have really enjoyed it. There is something about riding with 5,000 other cyclists that makes it an awful lot of fun. It is a bit dicey when mixing with the folks in t-shirts and tennis shoes, but being careful around them was all that I needed to be safe. It's not that they are stupid, but rather that they just don't have the riding experience in large groups to know what to do. Giving them a wide berth is generally in everyone's best interests.

Aren't you in Fort Collins? Own a bike shop?

Mar 12, 2002 9:48 PM
you'll be fineColnagoFE
Mar 11, 2002 9:28 AM
And even if not you can always do a shorter option...bailout right before it heads into the black forest. This ride isn't too bad, but it is not flat either. Nice party afterwards too. Save a little energy for the last hill.
Be warned....Mootsie
Mar 11, 2002 10:39 AM
...its probably the most dangerous century I've ever done. I did it for three or four years in a row and I won't ride it again. Its so big people ride four and five across. I have seen some bad accidents every year I rode it. Motorist's get P.O'd quick with all the riders and usually take it out on the innocent. Ride it if you want, but get started early. BTW all the hills, except for one medium one near the end, are at the 50-75 mile point of the ride. They are mostly rollers so include some hills in your training.