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Mar 10, 2002 8:26 AM
The wife has given in and appropriated the funds for me to purchase a new bike. I currently have a Trek 1000 it is ok a little on the heavy side. I am being allowed to spend about 1200.00 ... a local shop as quoted me a LeMond Buenos Aires the fit seems pretty good a little better than the Trek. I am going to go back to the LBS when the weather clears up to take if for a longer ride with the owner. What have you heard on this bike, and are there any suggestion on a bike in this price category that you would recommend. I am going to be riding primarily tours and commuting a 25-mile commute.
re: bike questionsElefantino
Mar 10, 2002 9:25 AM
The list for a 2002 LeMond BA is $1,530, so $1,200 is a very good buy. Assuming it is a 2002 (or 2001), it is a frame wiith a mix of 853 and 525 steel, not as good (or as light) as the all-853 Zurich, but it's $400 cheaper. And the Ultegra is a group you will never have to upgrade.

Fit is important. LeMond bikes, like Treks, have a more laid-back geometry, suited for longer riding. The fit will seem familiar to your 1000, but the ride will be like night and day.

Other than looking for a good used bike, which you might be able to get with Dura-Ace components, I cannot think of a better bike for you at this price range. And for your riding needs, it seems perfect.

What kind of touring?MelMo
Mar 10, 2002 1:16 PM
If you're planning on doing any kind of semi-self-supported touring, I'm not sure the Lemond is the best choice, and I'm kind of skeptical about it for commuting, depending on where you live. My husband has a Lemond and we've learned several things about them. It's challenging to mount fenders on them, and if you live somewhere where it rains (we're in Seattle), fenders are a must for commuting (not just to spare you the stripe up your back--they also protect your drive train from some road gunk). As far as I know, they only have one set of rear eyelets, so if you wanted a rack and fenders, you'd have to be creative. Also, your tire choices are greatly limited by fork clearance, and if you're going to tour the back roads, you might want something fatter than 28. The ride is nice, great for club rides or brevets, but it doesn't sound like that's what you want to do.

FWIW, you might consider a touring bike. You would be able to get a Cannondale (the cheaper touring model) or a Trek 520 for around $1,000 or less, leaving you some bucks to tinker with parts. You might also consider a semi-custom frame and building it up yourself. My husband is replacing his Lemond with a King of Mercia from Mercian ( He just finished the build and it's a beautiful, smooth, practical bike.

Disclaimer: I'm a slightly retro-grouchy Seattleite. Your mileage (and taste) may vary.
What kind of touring?Icefrk13
Mar 10, 2002 1:41 PM
I am in Salt Lake City, so the rain is not a big factor here. In my commutung I will be primarly commuting home, riding in the morning with my wife. The touring I am talking about will be forinstance the MS 150's and Lung association type rides. I already do a lot of backpacking and mountaineering so I am pretty covered in that sort of thing.