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1999 Lemond Chambrey--PLEASE HELP(11 posts)

1999 Lemond Chambrey--PLEASE HELPriderbob
Mar 9, 2002 5:43 PM
I am a begining cyclist considering purchasing a new bike. Currently I am looking at a 1999 Lemond Chambrey Carbon Frame, Shimano Ultegra comp, Rolf Vector Hubs/Rims, Icon neck and bars. The bike is new, never been on the road. Does $2000-2100 sound like too much????
Looking to purchase from Spokes in Wheaton IL. Any feedback on the bike and its price as well as Spokes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your replies.

re: 1999 Lemond Chambrey--PLEASE HELPDINOSAUR
Mar 9, 2002 6:48 PM
I'm not familiar with this bike. What was the price in 1999? I would think for that amount of money you could get on a 2002 Lemond Zurich or something else. For that amount of money there are a lot of bikes to choose from. I guess the bottom line is how much are you saving over the original price????

A word of advice from a guy who has made bad choices in bike purchases. Take your time and look around, remember fit is the most important. Compare prices from shop to shop. Remember also you not only buy a bike you buy the LBS you purchased it from.

If it's your first road bike it will take a couple of years for you to narrow down what you really want.

I emphasize fit again, I keep ahold of my road bikes and don't sell them. Maybe this bike will end up being your second bike years down the road. Don't jump into anything..
re: 1999 Lemond Chambrey--PLEASE HELPjtolleson
Mar 9, 2002 7:02 PM
I love that bike. The frame is very OCLV-esque and I've no idea why Lemond abandoned the CF Chambery.

But I think that's about $300 too much for an Ultegra equipped bike that is largely a production knockoff of the 5200 (new 5200s from previous model years can be had for about $1800).

See if you can cut a deal and get 'em close to $1600-$1700.
re: 1999 Lemond Chambrey--PLEASE HELPJon Billheimer
Mar 9, 2002 9:27 PM
JT's right. I ride a 1999 Chambery. It's the exact same bike as the 5200--I got that straight from the LeMond office at the time of my purchase. The price that's being asked is retail for the bike in '99, which I d on't think is very reasonable. I'd look for at least a $500.00 discount, or more. However, it's a great bike from a performance point of view. As has already been noted, at any price, fit has to come first.

BTW, JT, the reason LeMond dropped the OCLV frames is that Trek had bought them two years before. So the idea was for Trek to market carbon fibre and aluminum and LeMond to market steel. LeMond has since broadened its line to include a ti frame as well.
re: 1999 Lemond Chambrey--PLEASE HELPlemond2001
Mar 10, 2002 7:17 AM
You guys have the dates wrong on the bikes. In 1999 they only made Areoluminum. In 1998 they made only all steel bikes in 853, in 1997 they make the carbon OCLV framesets. Yes, it is way to much for the bike that is that old. I found one on the web with full record 9spd for $1500.00 If you want a OCLV buy a trek. The frame from Lemond is the same geo as trek. It does not have the special Lemond geo. In 1999 Trek stiffened the bottombracket area so try to find a 1999 or up.
Bingo! It's a '97.Elefantino
Mar 10, 2002 9:03 AM
Do not be fooled by the bike store. This is a five-year-old bike. This bike is worth $1,300-$1,500, tops. Doesn't matter that it hasn't been on the road. Even assuming a $2,200 sticker price, simple depreciation knocks off almost a grand.

Consider this: You can probably get a new OCLV 120 frame for under $1,200 retail. (List is $1,400, but no one charges list.) You can get a complete Ultegra build kit, with wheels, for under $1K, from many mail-orders.

Finally, consider this:,Bike/LeMond,Bicycles,1999,Chambrey/PRD_18479_1610crx.aspx

You might want to look at the first review of the 1999 (aluminum) Chambery. Note the bike store. Note the word about fit. Note the DATE!

Don't rush into your first bike. Be cautious, regardless of the siren song that the bike and/or the bike shop are whispering in your ear. You'll regret it.

re: 1999 Lemond Chambrey--PLEASE HELPweiwentg
Mar 10, 2002 6:44 PM
some people have had problems with Spokes (although some have had great experiences). better try to bargain them down - as many people have said, $2100 is too much for a '97 frame. also consider, is that Ultegra or 600 (Ultegra's predecessor)?
unless you can get them down to $1500 or less, I'd just get an OCLV frame (as Elefantino mentioned). pick up a groupset from or and you're more or less ready to ride.
Don't buy from SPOKES. Look around and you will get better dealRollinFast
Mar 10, 2002 8:35 PM
Riderbob, Don't take offense to this, but you are the type of rider that SPOKES loves to see walk through their door. They push you towards a bike that is old technology, tell you that "you are goin to love this bike", and then charge you way too much for it. First of all, if you do the research on this bike, you will find out that they are lying to you about the model year. If you go to almost any other bike shop, you will find out that everyone else usually marks down their bikes that are no longer the current model year. Not Spokes, they wait for a "NEWBIE" to walk in the door, and they make them think they are getting a deal. If this is what you want, then buy it, however, beware. Personally, the price seems very high. I bet you could buy a TREK OCLV for that much, and have a much better looking and functioning bicycle. I would suggest you shop around. If you can make the trip to Village Cycle Sport in Elk Grove, ask for Vince, he will take care of you as they sell TREKs. Oak Park Cyclery in Oak Park also sells TREK, and will give you a better deal than SPOKES. I think everyone else has already warned you. I know from experience in dealing with SPOKES. I would be more than happy to discuss more with you if you like. Just e mail me. By the way, look at some of the bikes that SPOKES call new, and look for the dings in the frame. That says a lot about the store as well. As a newbie, I want you to enjoy your purchase, enjoy the shop you purchase from, and definitly know you are getting a great bike and a great deal. With this deal from SPOKES, you aren't getting any of that.
Don't buy from SPOKES. Look around and you will get better dealRollinFast
Mar 11, 2002 5:56 AM
I left out one thing. I used to buy from SPOKES, and I took a friend in there to buy a bicycle to race on. Sammy had him ride a Giant carbon frame. He told my friend that if he wanted it, he would put ULTEGRA on it. We my friend went back to take delivery of the bike, it didn't have ULTEGRA on it. Rather it has SHIMANO 600 on it. Although ULTEGRA replaced 600, 600 isn't ULTEGRA. I would be real careful with what Sammy is calling Ultegra if you purchase it. Also beware of getting suckered into riding with the SPOKES group to justify your purchase. There are plenty of groups to ride around Chicagoland with that you will learn lots more. I wish you the best in finding and purchasing your first road bike.
Hold on a minute there,TJeanloz
Mar 11, 2002 6:06 AM
It isn't exactly true that Shimano 600 isn't Ultegra. Before 1998, the group was "Shimano 600 Ultegra". This moniker applies to all 8 speed 600 Ultegra groups. Prior to 1998, Shimano 600 was commonly called "Ultegra" because people preferred using the name to the number. The "600" was dropped when the group went 9 speed. But it is accurate to call the second-to-best 8 speed Shimano group "Ultegra"- even though some parts just say "600".
re: 1999 Lemond Chambrey--PLEASE HELPTheBikeNut
Mar 11, 2002 4:46 AM
By who and for how long would the frame and fork warrantee be? If the Lemond has a lifetime frame warantee, and you can get the shop to through in the shoes, helmet, pump, Jersey and shorts you may well do alright. Especially if IT FITS CORRECTLY, and you like it. But also beware, the LBS may well put getting rid of old stock over your being on the right size bike, thus compromising the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of owning a bike, IT MUST BE THE RIGHT SIZE. I've seen too many people be put on too small bikes on new old stock like this sounds...