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New Car or New Bike? Which would you choose?(20 posts)

New Car or New Bike? Which would you choose?morrison
Mar 8, 2002 1:29 PM
And to make it more interesting, you can't take the car and sell it to get 10 bikes. You would have to use whatever you chose. Also . . . if you have a current car payment, that would remain the same, so there should be no financial advantage to choosing the car. In other words, what I'm looking for is whether you would derive more pleasure from driving the car of your dreams (any car), or riding the bike of your dreams. BTW, if you choose the car, what kind? Same for bike.

Me? C40. No doubt.
Easy, I just built a new bike yesterdayTig
Mar 8, 2002 1:49 PM
My truck is a '99 with 58K miles on it, but it is still in good shape. Now that I'm layed off, I don't have to make the 35 mile each direction commute, so I'll give her a rest.

The bike was ordered and mostly paid for before the layoff, so at least I got it in under the wire. I only took it for a few mile ride today just to get everything tuned and adjusted. The new Merckx is very stable, yet tracks well through corners. The bottom bracket has only a little flex. I like how it responds to pedal input. The relaxed geometry is wonderful. I used most of my old bike's parts except for new Thomson Elite stem and seat post, new BB, and of course, a new chain and cables. The Deda 215 bars should be here soon. I'll have more insight after a few long rides this weekend, hell or high water.

So, "new bike" is my answer. No payments. No gas to buy. No insurance, inspection, or registration to pay each year. The engine loves it too!
Assuming that cars aren't evil,Elefantino
Mar 8, 2002 2:28 PM
I might be tempted to take the car, but it's not on sale in the U.S.: A BMW M5 wagon ("touring") with a six-speed manual mated to a V-8. My Thule rack goes on top. It'd be the fast sag wagon in the world.

Because I can't get that car, and because my replacement sag wagon has already been ordered and paid for (sort of), I'd have to go with a Merlin Agilis ... no, a Colnago C40 ... no, a Seven Odanata ... no, a Project One 5900 (assuming that Trek isn't evil) ... no, a Litespeed Vortex ... no, a Bob Jackson custom 853 ...

Yep, it'd have to be the car. I can't make up my mind about which bike.

I just was in that predicament and choseLazywriter
Mar 8, 2002 3:12 PM
the bike. I just got my dream bike the Litespeed Vortex and will forego a new car at least for this year. My Honda is paid off and only has 44000 miles so it is hard to justify a new car.
However, I spend much more time on my bike than I do in the car anyway and the bike will always bring me joy. A car gets old soon enough and when you figure the depreciation, then the bike is a no brainer. I am in good standing I guess because my car is paid and I bought the Vortex with cash which saved me a bundle.
However, I am eyeing the Acura RSX Type S or the Subaru WRX. Anything over 4 cyclinders is a waste of energy IMO. The BMW wagon is sweet though as is the Saab Wagon. The SUV thing was discussed and I am of the opinion that they are bloated wastes of energy and not necessary for 99.9% of those who drive them.
My theory is that I cannot afford a Ferrari, but I can afford the bicycle equivalent which is what I own. I am practical otherwise and will wait for next years Honda Accord (2003). The sketches look really nice and for the price, I gotta stick with them so I can buy my next dream bike in a few years time.
Audi over BMWtmguy
Mar 8, 2002 7:03 PM
For the car my choice would be the new Audi RS6 Avant (just announced in Geneva it will be brought to the U.S.) Will, for the moment, one up the M5 with more HP, torque and QUATTRO.

For the bike; my Record 10 Pinarello OPERA arriving 3/12; my 40th B-day. I feel like a kid counting down the days.

So, now that I have the bike, I guess I want the car!!! (Bike was more affordable.)

Opera B-day Boy
Nice! Happy B-day! You should have 40 y left on the bike! nmmorrison
Mar 8, 2002 7:11 PM
I just had my 40thPaulCL
Mar 9, 2002 6:28 AM
And all I got was two shirts, one sweater, and a $50 GC to Colorado Cyclist! I'd rather have the Pinnarello...wanna trade????

Seriously, I'm in the middle of getting a new car right now. I have a nice bike (Ti Colnago, Speeddream wheels, Campy Record 10spd), so I will have to go with the car choice.

Since I'm seriously in the market for a car, not a fantasy selection, I'm probably going to buy a VW Passat. Not exciting, not some limited edition Beamer, but a good car that I can drive for 6-8 years and be happy.
Audi over BMWJekyll
Mar 10, 2002 3:42 PM
Off the subject but did you see if they will be doing an SR4 (non-Avant) for the anywhere? One would assume so but I wonder if they will bring it into the states. Might keep me from an M3 - the old SR4 had something like 400hp and quatro, and europe only all over it - that would be nice.
Do hope the SR6 does something that the regular A4 2.7t doesn't.. Kind of odd that they would bring out a 60K+ car, current S6, that is supposed to be an "S" that is slower than the downline 2.7t...
Land Rover Disco II and IF Crown JewelBikinCO
Mar 8, 2002 3:10 PM
Oh yeah, I already have both of them. Now I just need the arb bull bar and lockers.
re: New Car or New Bike? Which would you choose?Jekyll
Mar 8, 2002 5:27 PM
Lets see, have 4 bikes. Have 98 M3... A new car would be easy to pass by the other half and new bike would get me castrated. Pretty easy - a new car (actually about to order an '02 M3 - now if I could just get it for the price of a bike)....
New Bike Hands DownNative Beyond
Mar 8, 2002 6:01 PM
I have a '94 Honda Accord that has only 65k miles (8000 mi/yr) and runs great. Having just changed jobs, my commute has gone from 2 miles each way to 40 miles each way so I am becoming one with the Honda. Despite the fact that I'd really like an AWD wagon (Subaru Outback or Audi S6), the Accord runs so well and has been so maintenance-free that I can't see giving it up until +100k miles.

My bike (as of 12/01), is a 23 year old custom Reynolds 531 frame with original Campy Nouvo Record build that has been as maintenance-free as my Honda. But I lust for custom carbon and Ergo levers more than I do AWD.

So I've decided to keep the Honda and splurge on a Calfee Tetra Pro with Campy Chorus build. The bike came 4 days ago and haven't looked back since. I'd recommend the same for anyone in the same predicament. After all, anyone can buy a car...
NeitherCliff Oates
Mar 8, 2002 7:01 PM
I'm hoping to buy a house or condo this year. Between my Waterford 2200 (Chorus/Nucleon), Gunnar Crosshairs (Campy Racing Triple), and Toyota 4Runner, my transportation needs are more than adequately covered.
Well, since I try to avoid driving my car as much as possible...Ahimsa
Mar 8, 2002 7:05 PM
I'd say bike. Can you tell I've been lusting...?

I'll take the On-One Il Pompino with TA cyclo ring guards wrapped around a DA crank and ring. 36 spoke flip flop Suzue laced 14/15 to some Salsa Delgado cross rims (Or maybe Velocity rims). Throw in an On-One chaintug and Salsa stem, King headset, Phil BB and cheap SRAM front hub from my parts box. MKS touring pedals with Mt. Zefal strapless clips. Cheap Shimano V-brakes also from my parts cache with Kool Stop paddies, moustache bars, and those Diacompe levers what pull for V's, the 287 I think. Conti top tourers will be fine thanks. 32 if you got 'em.

Oh, and one of the Koobi seats atop any decent seatpost as long as it's plain and silver.

And some black gaffer tape for the top tube.

And a fooking partridge in a pear tree.

And a bottle of barley wine.


A. (Who really could use a new car)
Interesting choices. Me gustan! . . .morrison
Mar 8, 2002 7:15 PM
I like the King headset myself. (No Cane Creek for me (did I spell that right?))

You know, it's funny . . . I spend $$ on myself, my home, and my family, but not my car. I'm still driving the same Honda w/ over 100K on it, and I have no reason to unload it. I honestly couldn't care less as long as it runs smooth and the radio gets NPR.

Ride safely
re: New Car or New Bike? Which would you choose?guido
Mar 8, 2002 8:28 PM
I just found the car of my dreams, a small four door sedan, 1988 Mercedes Benz 190 E 3.2, with a scant 145,000 miles on it. Shiny gold, classic lines, even has the hood ornament, leather seats, clean carpeting, in perfect condition, a real blast from the past. It is almost as fun to drive as the '62 Healy I bought with spoils of the Vietnam War back in '67, but is much more practical. Disc brakes on all four wheels. Nicely geared 4 cylinder engine. No overhang front or rear, high up on the road, so it'll drive anywhere. No fluid leaks. So I shelled out the $5K the dealer wanted for it, about book value, and this cherry is mine.

It sits in my driveway all week, so it'll last a long time. Finally, I have a car equal in quality to the bike I commute to work on: SLX hand brazed frame with long-point, cut-out lugs, Cinelli investment cast BB shell, Cinelli semi-sloping fork crown, Campy Super Record group, ESGE fenders, bulletproof 36 spoked wheels, Cinelli bars and stem, Turbo saddle. It rides like a dream.

Nothing wrong with loving both your car and your bike, as long as you give them the attention they need. A bike is seldom chosen as a utilitarian device. Why should a car?

I'm thinking of a DeRosa King, or something close: carbon fiber state of the art, really light weight, Campy Record carbon shifters, a lean, mean, race machine. I have always fallen in love with intelligently designed equipment. In this respect, it would be hard to chose either car or bike, although if given the choice between a brand new Mercedes and the DeRosa King, it would definitely be the bike! I can get along with a "vintage" Mercedes just fine.
re: New Car or New Bike? Which would you choose?LLSmith
Mar 9, 2002 3:03 AM
No question I would buy the bike. I just dont know what kind. Maybe a Waterford...Buying a car is easy. You can do that whenever you want or need one.
deRosa (columbus sl) w/ c-record & 1962 356b coupeSpirito di Finocchio
Mar 9, 2002 4:21 PM
id like the car in reutter silver with a sun-roof (rare option) and black interior with an original blaupunkt am/fm radio. slightly worked motor to give an amazing 90 odd horsepower - whew! the only modern concession would be a 12volt battery and modernised halogen headlights, ignition, alternator and starter motor. maybe seat belts as well. 35+ miles per gallon.

and the deRosa (circa '85) would be red w/ chrome fork crown and stays, selle san marco regal, cinelli 1R stem and 65 bars, campy montreal rims w/ veloflex pave's and the rare c-record high flange hubs. modern pedals thanks. ive been looking for this frame in my size for nearly 20 years allready and i have tried nearly every other variant of italian frame but still cant find the cursed deRosa that i dream about. around 20 lbs.

id be happy with both until im dead or the next 40 years which ever comes first. and i could easily service and maintain both 'coz im a cheap bastard.

a wife with a flaming temper that hails from the basque region in spain would have me thinking i was a man blessed more than any other in existence and truly fortunate.

thanks santa.
This is a tough question.Leisure
Mar 10, 2002 12:09 AM
I feel like I'm already close to my dream car, an Integra GSR with a few mods. "Perfect" would mean a few more mods, probably close to $10,000 worth. I already have my dream bike, a Rocky Mountain Instinct with mega-gootchie parts pick, and I'm plenty happy with my Gunnar road bike. The next step is a custom freeride, which will run me around $4000. Tough call between that and finishing my Integra. I very much want both. If it was really just going to be given to me, I'd get my car finished first just out of the price differential. I might enjoy the freeride bike more, but I can wait till next season. As it stands, I'm saving for the freeride first, but will put a couple mods in the car along the way.
re: New Car or New Bike? Which would you choose?Miklos
Mar 10, 2002 8:59 AM
Well, i just got my new "car" several months ago, a Dodge Cummins dually 4x4 HO 6spd. 18-20mpg and hauls lots of bikes inside the conopy. Heck, in the back seat area of the quad cab I can fit my 60cm bike complete with aerobars, with front wheel still on and saddle fully raised. Lots of room.

New bike for me. Just have to decide between a new ZX9R or a non postal c/f DuraAce Trek.

re: New Car or New Bike? Which would you choose?Icefrk13
Mar 10, 2002 1:36 PM
Well my truck as 180k on it but runs pretty good, so I would really have to thinke here Hmmmmmm. I would take the bike. It would either be a C40 or a Harley Davidson Duce. Not sure which I think the both coat around the same :).