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Seatpost finally out- a follow up(1 post)

Seatpost finally out- a follow upboneman
Mar 8, 2002 8:03 AM
For those who remember, I posted in August about having a Vortex with a stuck American Classic seatpost. I tried the suggestions from Sheldon Brown's site and Litespeed including using ammonia and then penetrating oil (not together), poured in from the seat tube. None worked but Litespeed's UK distributor suggested I send the bike to Argos Cycle in Bristol. They got the post out along with the press-fitted Al sleeve that's bonded into the seat tube. They fitted a new sleeve from Litespeed which needed to be machined as they sent the wrong size, and bonded it into place. The whole thing, including roundtrip shipping by courier cost about $65, money well spent as I didn't care to do the hacksaw bit.

The delay in getting the work done came from waiting for a replacement bike to be built while the Vortex was being repaired.

Thanks to all who responded.