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Rear hubs-(6 posts)

Rear hubs-Miklos
Mar 7, 2002 10:03 AM
The bearings in my Shimano 105 rear hub are shot. Both the bearings and the races are pitted. The LBS has new inner races and ball bearings, but says the outer races are not provided by Shimano as replacement parts. The bearing failed due to water getting in thru the freewheel side. There is only a labryinth seal on that side, no actual rubber seals. Assuming that Ultegra and DuraAce are sealed the same way rules out replacement with those.

Has anyone tried the Performance Bike Forte hub. In their description, it sounds well sealed. Here is a link:

re: Rear hubs-LC
Mar 7, 2002 10:25 AM
There is no perfect seal. Most riders that have to train in the rain have a rain bike (or at least rain wheels), and they just have to repack the hubs every few months. It is not just the hubs that take a beating in the rain, but the rims wear faster too from the grime on the brakes.
re: Rear hubs-curlybike
Mar 7, 2002 10:48 AM
Frequently the cups in the hubs are not damaged even when the cones(inner race) and balls are trashed. It is always prudent to repack hubs after a ride in heavy rain, after immersion or riding in a paceline in the rain. A bike on a rack on the car in the rain really takes a beating from the rain and much of the lube is pressure washed out.
re: Rear hubs-brider
Mar 7, 2002 11:04 AM
Mavic used to use only cartridge bearings in their rear hubs, don't know if they still do, but it might be worth checking out. Also, I have a Nuke Proof rear hub that also used cartridge bearings. These are pretty easy to replace. As far as Nike Proof, I don't know if they're still around, but there's got to be some one still making similar hubs.
I could speculate, at $45 why not.Leisure
Mar 7, 2002 6:23 PM
Exactly how will you go about getting the rim, spokes and buildup? I've never really liked Shimano hubs, but have to admit that until recently, purchasing inexpensive non-Shimano hubs has often been a gamble. The picture looks nice; the machining is definitely better than Shimano, but looks aren't everything. An irresponsible off-hand guess would be that it'll do fine, but not necessarily worlds better than Shimano either. Neglecting wear due to water, the sealed bearing *should* spin quite a bit smoother than 105/Ultegra, probably comparable to Dura-Ace. The additional seals are a maybe/maybe not issue that I wouldn't guess at without looking at it in my hand. The issue I would be most critical of would be the freehub longevity. Ask about servicing and the freehub, and specifically refer to water resistance. If they transfer you to someone mechanically inclined and experienced with both Shimano hubs and the Forte, chances are you can get a more neutral assessment of which is better. If it were me and things sounded good I would purchase the hub just to see how well constructed it really is, then decide if I wanted to build it into a wheel. Of course, I love hubs in general, and am happy having them around as paper weights when I'm not using them. I'm kind of silly that way.
"Of course, I love hubs in general...Ahimsa
Mar 7, 2002 7:22 PM
...and am happy having them around as paper weights when I'm not using them. I'm kind of silly that way."

Thank Gawd! I thought I was the only one! I have been known to spin a hub and generally fidget with it while watching the tele. There is something sorta sexy (for lack of a better term) about hubs (wheels too).

Good grief. I am sick in the head. But at least now I'm not alone in my affliction.

Unless your just kidding, in which case, so am I.

; )