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How much does shipping a bike cost ?(5 posts)

How much does shipping a bike cost ?PeterRider
Mar 6, 2002 10:50 PM
I am selling a 4-5 years old Trek 5200. How much should I expect to pay for the shipping, and also what service should I choose ? Fedex, UPS, other ? Is ground shipping bad ? Does the LBS do the shipping, or only the packing ? (I forgot to ask about the shipping, he told me 15$ for the packing).

Any advice regarding that question is welcome ! I thought I had already left a post on the subject, but I don't see it in the old messages...


re: How much does shipping a bike cost ?davet
Mar 7, 2002 4:28 AM
Pierre: Pay your LBS the $15.00 to do the packing! Packaging a bike correctly for shipping is a major pain in the A**! He also may be able to arrange and do the shipping for you. You can do it too by going to UPS or FedEX with the box ready to go. I have discovered that FedEX Ground is less expensive than UPS, and have had no problems with them. The bikes have always arrived at their destinations in good shape. Make sure you insure the bike for its full value. As for shipping costs, it's going to depend how far it's going. As an example I have shipped a frame only in a frame box from Washington State to Southern California for $15.00. As an extreme example, I recently shipped a full sized bike plus a box with a wheelset from Washington State to Virginia for $54.00 for both. I hope this has helped. Dave
leave it with your lbs...Spirito di Finocchio
Mar 7, 2002 5:43 AM
if they send it ups ground they should be able to send it anywhere in the 48 states for around $50 (packing, shipping and unsurance) assuming they have the right size box and weight requirements. its not foolproof but a pretty good way.

from experience have them specifiically send it on a monday morning as its likely to be delivered by the end of the week and thus avoid storage over the weekend at their bulk facilities where most damage occurrs.

i agree that packing is best left to those that do it properly unless you have a bit of time and experience. its a pain finally selling something only to have to deal with damaged or badly packed goods.

you can do it yourself but then you have to get a box, some materials, disassemble, wrap, tape, take it to a ups depot... etc etc to save $15 odd. if they are a good lbs they will look after you. if its just a frame a bmx box is perfect and will be cheaper.
re: How much does shipping a bike cost ?Spoke Wrench
Mar 7, 2002 5:54 AM
I can UPS a bike from here in St. Louis to most anywhere in the 48 continguous states for $30.00 or so.

You'll probably get a little better deal shipping the bike if you let the bike shop do it for you. Services like Mail Boxes Etc. will charge you an additional commission to arrange the shipping. Bike boxes are just barely within the UPS size guidelines. Often when I've called in to arrange to ship a bike, I've been told the box is too big. After I tell them its a bike box that they shipped to me that same morning, they do something to their computer that makes it OK. You might have a little trouble negotiating that yourself.

$15.00 is a real low price to pay an LBS to pack your bike. I charge twice that. You might want to make sure that he does all of the packing things that factories do when they pack new bikes. I've heard lots of horror stories of UPS damaging bikes and I'm sure some of them are true. However, I've received at least 500 to 1,000 bikes UPS in my time and have had no damage claims at all. Course, all of my bikes were professionally packed.
re: How much does shipping a bike cost ?MissingWestCoastRides
Mar 8, 2002 6:04 AM
Leave the packing to your LBS - unless you have a lot of time on your hands, you're not going to be able to do a better job. My LBS used to charge $35 for packing/shipping but UPS recently raised their rates on shipping bike boxes. I've had to ship out for upwards of $70 (I thought this was a hoax, but no bike shops could do better!), and that's having shipped it myself - shipping outlets say there's nothing they can do. Also, some LBS' won't ship a bike at all, and sometimes only if they pack it - it's a liability on their part. My suggestion? Get the smallest bike box you can, so as not to go over UPS' maximum dimensions (check the website), have your LBS pack it, and if they ship it, great! If not, ship it yourself, and insure it!!!