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Help!!!! what size should i get(4 posts)

Help!!!! what size should i getTherms
Mar 6, 2002 8:52 PM
I know its hard for you all to figure out what size bike i would need, but any suggestions would help. I am looking into getting my first road bike. Probably a Jamis Ventura, which i know isnt a great bike - but im only gonna use it for training for my mtn biking, but it comes in 59cm and 62cm. I'm 6 2" and I have a pretty long torso. I am looking for something with a pretty long TT then and i guess what im asking is if Jamis road bikes- compared to other road bikes- have long TT's.

Thanks, Tom
re: top tubesguido
Mar 6, 2002 9:48 PM
If the Jamis Ventura has a horizontal top tube, and you have a long upper body, go with the larger frame size. Top tubes are almost always the same length as the seat tubes, or if "long," only a centimeter longer. The larger frame will enable the handlebars to be higher for more comfort, while giving your upper body more room to move around on the bike. For starters, you should measure saddle height, saddle set back, and reach on your mountain bike, and figure which size road bike will put the saddle and handlebars in the same positions, assuming fit is dialed in satisfactorily on the MTB.
re: Help!!!! what size should i getMud
Mar 7, 2002 5:03 AM
I recently sat on a 2002 Jamis road bike and found that the 59cm felt the same as my 61cm Marin road bike (maybe even a little better.) I'm 6'4" and also have a long torso. I was surprised at how "roomy" the 59cm Jamis felt, so at 6'2", the 59cm might be good for you. I also bought a road bike this year for training for my mountain bike, and really am taking a while to get used to the fit of a road bike after 8 years on a mountain bike.

Good luck.
Excuse me?Spoke Wrench
Mar 7, 2002 6:00 AM
You're getting ready to make a $600 purchase and you're asking people who have never seen you and who you don't know what size to get? If you don't trust your LBS enough to help you with the size, you've got the wrong LBS.