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Timbuk2 bags(6 posts)

Timbuk2 bagsmapson
Mar 6, 2002 7:28 PM
DOes anyone here use one? Which size did you get? How do you like it? Did you get any accessories or would you recommend any- strap, pouch, dividers, etc?
re: Timbuk2 bagsgtx
Mar 6, 2002 7:55 PM
I've had a large one for ten years and a medium for almost as long. I mostly use the medium--good for shoes, some clothes and lunch. Durable bags. You want a cross strap--I made one cause they used to not have them. I think they may be standard now. But the cool new bag that I'm seeing these days is this one:
re: Timbuk2 bagsfeathers mcgraw
Mar 6, 2002 9:54 PM
I got the DeeDog, and it's HUGE. I use it for grocery runs, and I can carry an amazing amount of food in it. I got it in waxed canvas, hoping it would wear and develop a nice weathered look. The strap pad is a must. I got a cell phone holder but it's so narrow my phone doesn't fit. Don't get it unless you have a very slim phone. The bottom straps are nice, they can tighten up the contents when you don't have the pack totally filled. All in all a fantastic product from a very nice company.
re: Timbuk2 bagsRay
Mar 7, 2002 6:07 AM
I have a dee dog (I think that's it - the big one) and it holds a remarkable amount of stuff. I've taken good sized boxes (with drops bars and such) to the PO in it and it held them quite well. It also adjusts easily to carry much smaller loads very comfortably. I don't have any gimmicks on mine - just one big compartment with a couple of small pockets sewn in and a shoulder pad. A divider would be god for commuting, but it would really limit the big load capabilities of the bag unless it was easily removable, so I'd probably stay away from that.

The conventional wisdom seems to be that for hard core courier use, there are better bags out there now. But for the typical commuter/shopper, the Timbuk2 is more than enough.

re: Timbuk2 bagsKEN2
Mar 7, 2002 9:55 AM
I got the PeeWee for my commute, and despite the name it holds a lot of stuff. The problem with the bigger bags IMO is they encourage you to carry too much stuff, and they shift around easier while you ride, even with the stabilizing strap. I carry wallet, work papers, Palm, keys, lunch, etc. and keep clothes and shower stuff at work. I've also used it for errands, going to the store and P.O. etc. and you can get a very large box into it, using the compression straps (which allow the flap to "expand" the regular dimensions of the bag).

Recommend the shoulder strap for sure, also the phone holster works fine for my Motorola flip phone. Avoid the lighter colors, they will show dirt too much.
Good stuffAhimsa
Mar 7, 2002 12:38 PM
I have a loaded version of the Dee Dog. I am really pleased with it. I have the center divider and can shed some light on that. It is not so much a true 50/50 divider as much as it is a large flat pocket sewn inside along the back seam that creates space both within it and behind it seperate from the main compartment.

Since it is sewn in the back seam, it leaves the main capacity compartment unaffected. you could fit a Zerox box in the main just like a bag w/o the divider and still have the space behind for flat objects like magazines, thin books, and folders.

The adjustable compression straps are a must.

Chest strap is standard now on newer models.

Get the bottom reinforcment and heavier gauge liner if you really want ultra durabilty. The strap pad and zippered strap pocket are nice too.

Check out Chrome bags while you're shopping. They have a better strap system and a hidden stash pocket and are really tight. I almost went with Chrome instead, but the Dee Dog has more internal organizing options.

So far I have been able to fit two sixes of bottled beer and all my other daily BS easily. You really can't go wrong with either company.