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Rest Week Recovery(5 posts)

Rest Week RecoveryJuniorRacerFL
Mar 6, 2002 1:09 PM
Hey, im wondering, im on a rest week this week and i have 2 races this weekend. Since ill be cutting back the miles and the intensity all this week until sat and sun, will i actually gain anything and be well rested for the races? Or will by not putting in much actually slow me down for the races, I know thats why its a "Rest" week to recover but i dont know what will happen, Thanks.

re: Rest Week RecoveryBoris
Mar 6, 2002 4:36 PM
Where in Florida do you ride? what race qre you doing saturday? I know about the sunday MTB race at Amelia Earhart Park, is that the sunday race you are talking about??? maybe I'll see you there...

re: Rest Week RecoveryJimP
Mar 6, 2002 5:48 PM
I found I needed a couple of days of light spinning after a race to recover, then a day or two of normal workouts, followed by 2-3 days of tapering - again with spinning -before my next race. I followed some of the tapering literature and it did seem to help me. Good luck and show us some silver!
re: Rest Week RecoveryJuniorRacerFL
Mar 7, 2002 2:03 AM
Well i live in daytona beach and i dont do any mountain bike races, but the races i will be going to are in Alachua, im not really too sure where that is though.

i think i need this rest because i did 4 races in just 2 days last weekend, a junior race and a Cat 4 race each day, and on monday and tuesday i felt wiped out, but i plan to do the same thing this weekend so i better be rested. Im thinking i should feel pretty good because by saturday im not gunna be tired.
re: Rest Week RecoveryYoungRcR
Mar 7, 2002 3:47 AM
Depending on the length of those races you did last weekend should determine the ammount of rest you need. If they were both short crits totalling to around 1 hour plus the 2-3 days of light riding should be enough. That would put you at today which is Thursday. If i was you i would do a medium to short ride at light intensity. Then tomorrow do a few jumps, not to the point of lactate accumultion and be sure to do some jumps while warming up saturday and you should be ready to roll.