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See you down in Arizona Bay.(1 post)

See you down in Arizona Bay.Ahimsa
Mar 5, 2002 7:00 PM
"The great state of California, which I call home will be drowned by this new melted water released into our already polluted oceans." -Cosmicallyconscience

I am praying for rain. I am praying for tidal waves.

Learn to swim.

"You would rather take the food off a man's table for his family in support of saving a silly bird who can't adapt to its changing environment." -Rollinfast

If you were that man, I'd take the plates, linens, table, chairs, and silverware as well. Silly birds would be considerably better company.

Hey Eugene, did you know that you posted a total of 85 (eighty five) replies to your own thread on the Trek boycott? I'm thinking maybe that you got closer to a few hundred hits if you discount your own frantic mousing.


A. (Eh? What can I say, I've idle hands. Mebee I'll return to DrunkCyclist and try to once more manually profess my lust to that snobbish tart Jenna Jameson. She never replies to my letters. *sigh*)