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From the OPERA Birthday Boy; Update(4 posts)

From the OPERA Birthday Boy; Updatetmguy
Mar 5, 2002 12:40 PM
Well, I pulled the trigger, and my 54cm NICE color Pinarello Opera should be arriving on my 40th birthday (3-12). Record 10, Neutrons w/ GP 3000, Zepp w/Forma SL and Flite saddle. Gary Hobbs of gave me a very good deal and his service was impeccable. Thanks for all the feedback and I will post my impressions. To everyone who said go for it - thanks, I did. To everyonoe concerned with the thin steel tubes - only time will tell. I think the bike will kick some serious butt and I am losing 10lbs. in anticipation of climbing some hills here in Pacific Northwest and Seattle.

In the meantime my 54 cm Marinoni show bike, built with Nemo including megatube DT, '98 Recrod 9-speed Ti (including Ti seatpost), Chorus Pro-fits, etc. is for sale with your choice of Campy Electron tubulars or Wheelsmith built Record hubs w/ Open Pros DB spokes and alloy nips. All Reasonable offers considered.

Peace and keep on pedalling! Remember, joy is in us and not in things! I strive to keep that in perspective.
re: From the OPERA Birthday Boy; Updatetr
Mar 5, 2002 9:10 PM
Congrats on a nice pick. I own one also and think you will like it. I too ride the roads of the northwest here in seattle.
re: From the OPERA Birthday Boy; UpdateKing
Mar 7, 2002 12:42 AM
I'll try this again... congrats as well on the right decision. I read you initial post with interest as I recently made a similar decision and went through some of the same machinations. I bit the bullet and ordered a Pinarello Prince from the factory when I visited Treviso Italy in July. I'm going to put my 16 yr. old Gios to rest and I'm flying over to Italy to pick up the bike in 5 days. The trip is essentailly free as I recoup the cost of shipping and insurance, and with a little creative ingenutiy. . .customs. I went back and forth on the decision and read innumerable posts about aluminium compositon, weight and fragility of materials. So much so that it became dizzing. Some time you have to trust your own intuiton and gut feelings.

Good luck on a great bike. . .period.
I thank you both.tmguy
Mar 7, 2002 12:39 PM
I am extremely confident with my decision. Just a couple more days to wait.

tr I will look for you on the road here in the Northwest.

King, happy trails with the Prince! (it was a tough choice, but I am an old school lover of steel.)