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Recording Cycling Programs...Tivo(2 posts)

Recording Cycling Programs...Tivokilofoxtrot
Mar 5, 2002 8:06 AM
I just bought a DirecTV with Tivo. What a great way to record anything to do with cycling! I just set up Tivo to record anything that has to do with cycling. This is done by using a "keyword" like "bicycling", "bicycle" etc etc... and wa-la! With this set up, it always records anything cycling on OLN and other channels too. Reviews, racing, tour previews, road, cross, mountain... everything. I would highly recommend any type of PVR (personal video recorder) i.e. Tivo, ReplayTV ... you won't miss a thing! BTW, I dont work for Tivo or DirecTV :)
re: Recording Cycling Programs...TivoAFred
Mar 5, 2002 9:48 AM
Are you sure that all cycling programs are being recorded? In the past, I've set up my DirectTV receiver to record all programs using the keyword "cycle" only to find that it failed to record the cyclo-cross supercup, mountain bike programs, several Tour de France programs, and Bicycle Journal because they did not have the specific word "cycle" in the title or description, but variations like "bike" and "cycling". Now, I check the OLN listing for the week, to see how they are describing their programs before setting up the record instructions. God bless OLN and Tivo!