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Marco & Me and banned substances(5 posts)

Marco & Me and banned substancesTypeOne
Mar 4, 2002 8:09 PM
There it is, in the most recent issue of Cycle Sport:

"Injecting insulin is the latest performance-enhancing technique alleged to be in use by some members of the peloton. Insulin boosts glycogen levels but increases the risk of diabetes and death.
The first signs of insulin use surfaced as a result of Italian doping investigations. The 2001 Giro raids uncovered syringes which had been used to inject insulin....
Insulin was banned by the IOC in 1998. However, it is almost impossible to catch someone taking insulin because it is undetectable in the blood stream after just four minutes."

Ah well. I have had diabetes for 26 years, and this report sounds like garbage. First, insulin would not increase a nondiabetic's risk of contracting diabetes. Second, I would imagine that pros don't have a lot of glycogen stores and insulin would only make them hypoglycemic and force them to consume more calories during a race. I don't know that it makes the body--of a nondiabetic--utilize glucose more efficiently but it could be the case.
For me, regulating blood-glucose levels that fluctuate with use of food, exercise, insulin is a giant pain in the butt. Hey Pantani, if you want to take insulin, be my guest.
re: Marco & Me and banned substancesVelocipedio
Mar 5, 2002 7:15 AM
Injecting insulin is REALLY, REALLY stupid... I have to wonder what good a performance enhancer is that could EASILY put you in a coma...
re: Marco & Me and banned substancesAndy M-S
Mar 5, 2002 9:02 AM
30 years for me. I can't imagine anyone thinking that it would be performance-enhancing...
It probably workscyclopathic
Mar 5, 2002 9:21 AM
for recovery to speed up glycogen replenishment.
Taking high amounts of glucose combine with additional insuline should work, don't you think?
I'll have to ask my endoTypeOne
Mar 5, 2002 12:39 PM
I really can't think of an advantage for the nondiabetic. I guess, yeah, if you ate a ton and took a shot you could pack your system with fuel, but it would be risky and stupid while exercising at a high level. Crazy. I admit that in all the time I have worried about how insulin injections work for me, I have never learned much about how insulin would affect a person without diabetes. It sure doesn't give me any advantage on the bike! Here's a question for my next appointment.
(P.S. Good to hear from you, Andy! Keep up the good work!)