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I'm afraid of Ebay(3 posts)

I'm afraid of EbayDjudd
Mar 4, 2002 5:26 PM
My usual goof-off routine at work includes scrolling through the road bikes and frames for auction on ebay. I have never bought anything there. The reason being I'm frightened that if I bid successfully on that Masi 3v frameset or that Atala that needs some TLC I won't stop. I love road bikes (I'm sure we all do) and can picture my house filled to the brim with bikes in various states of rideability, projects all, with more on the way. So I just content myself scrolling through the ebay aisles, imagining what could be with that Trek 1200 that would make a perfect fixie.
ahhh life!!!
re: I'm afraid of Ebaydgranda
Mar 4, 2002 10:05 PM
Good point,

I have bought 5 in the past year, all on ebay.

1.)Marin hardtail
2.) Specialized FSR XC
3.)GT Zaskar hardtail
4.)Litespeed road bike
5.)Titus FCR

Close to 5 grand, and most of it in those damn road bikes :) The good thing is, think of how much it would cost to pay retail and put together that collection, or even a good sale? I think the Titus alone retails for what I've paid for everything.
you're kidding yourselfkcd
Mar 5, 2002 8:17 PM
Soon or later you'll come across a deal that you can't refuse and .... You gotta go cold turkey and stay away from eBay alltogether