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Mavic Wheelset(5 posts)

Mavic WheelsetHugo
Mar 4, 2002 3:16 PM
Hi all, I will be getting my road bike soon and was thinking of getting the Mavic Cosmic Elite. Is this wheelset reliable? What about the hubs? Easy to true?
If compared to the Shimano R535, which is better? and why?
Does Mavic have the Cosmic Classic? Thanks.

From what I know, the R535 is cheaper and slightly lighter. Is the Cosmic worth the extra $$$? Is it true that Mavic has got better hubs? Which is better in performance & reliability? Btw, do they have the Cosmic Classic? Thanks.
Broken recordKerry Irons
Mar 4, 2002 7:43 PM
You would do better for cost, weight, and ease of repair, and equally well for reliability if you just got a pair of pre-built wheels from someplace like Colorado Cyclist. Velocity Aeroheads/Campy Record for $309. Aeroheads and DA for $290. etc.
re: I love minecyclopathic
Mar 5, 2002 7:08 AM
I haven't had to true them in 3.5 years have been pretty reliable. The only problem is a freehub. After a while it quits working in low 20F temperatures greese thickens. Still fine if temperature rises into 40F range. From what I've heard this is a common problem with Mavic freehubs.

Comparing Shimano to Mavic Mavic would be stiffer and more aero, less rolling resistance. Shimanos flex more under load and generate more drag, but easy to service. Either would be much faster then 32 x3 generic wheelset.
Must ask questionscyclaholic
Mar 5, 2002 10:15 AM
I am with Kerry on this one. We've been comparing a lot of wheelsets lately and I think we can agree that neither of these wheelsets can be considered "light".

There are lots of questions about the aero properties of these kinds of wheels. How aero are they really? I have serious doubts that these wheels are just slipping through the air with enough reduced drag over a traditionally spoked wheel to make a real difference.

I don't know that anyone is jumping up and down over the Mavic hubs. The Ultegra hubs are good, but they aren't really light. I know riders who use the Shimano wheels and they are incredibly sturdy and dependable.

I bet you can lace up Ultegra hubs to Open Pro rims and build a lighter wheel than either the R535 or the Cosmic Elites.

I think Kerry's suggestion was a good one. Record or DA hubs laced to a good rim will probably give you a stronger, lighter, easy to maintenance wheelset that will last. May not be as eye-catching, but they have a simplicity that is pretty cool.
they docyclopathic
Mar 5, 2002 1:11 PM
make noticable difference in case if you ride without drafting.

Cosmics are not the fastest wheels out there, but to get anything faster you'd need to drop another 500$ on something like Shamal, HED3 or RevX.