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help selecting a road bike(4 posts)

help selecting a road bikeJay18
Mar 3, 2002 8:23 AM
For background, age is 60 and I just started riding last year with a hybrid (Trek 7500). I was doing up to 30 mile rides by the end of the summer but would like to be able to go farther (and hopefully faster). I'm thinking about getting a lighter bike (the Trek is 36 lbs. with all the gear on it) and thinking about a road bike. I don't want to totally sacrifice comfort and I want to bike with a "relaxed," i.e. at least somewhat upright, riding position.

I'll be looking at the following based on reviews, etc.:

Jamis Quest
Fuji Ace
Cannondale Road Warrior 700
Bianchi Brava

Any thoughts on these or other bikes fitting the profile will be greatly appreciated.

(I'v also seen some of the road bikes with straight bars, but they look so "uncool" I'm not considering them at this point.)

re: help selecting a road bikeDave Hickey
Mar 3, 2002 9:17 AM
Any of the above bikes would be fine. They are all in the 20-23lb range. The only advise I'd give you is to ride them first. The bike that fit's you the best is one you should buy.
fuji acefuzzybunnies
Mar 3, 2002 11:49 AM
I would recommend shelling out the extra 60.00 and getting the finest. As an 8sp bike if the rear wheel gets trashed you'll have a much easier time getting a decent replacement. It also has one or two upgrades that also help to make the difference. If you find your seat more comfortable switch it over for a nicer ride. You won't go wrong with any of these either way. Russ
re: help selecting a road bikeCFBlue
Mar 3, 2002 7:46 PM
Sorry I can't address the models you asked about, but I can tell you, from painful experience, that fit is everything.

What I would suggest to you is to decide on a budget. Then call around your area and find a serious road bike shop that can fit you, not just look at you and say "this looks about right". You should expect to pay for this, and it is well worth it. Take these numbers to every bike shop in the area and ask "I have X budget and need a size XX bike. What have you got?" Take a test ride of several blocks or longer, find a hill and climb it, how does it feel over bad pavement. The right bike will talk to you in unmistakable terms. You will want to be on it and when you have done a long ride, you will get off and not be all knotted up.

I rode about 18 different bikes in my budget, of every frame material. They were very different from each other, one 60 felt small, another 58 felt OK, i settled on a 62. Some rode like a magic carpet others like a ton of bricks. I bought the magic carpet and expect to have 2000 fun and pain free miles on it when we reach our 1st year anniversary May 5.
Best of luck to you