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Computer and cadence(21 posts)

Computer and cadencevol245
Mar 3, 2002 7:48 AM
When I bought my new bike the shop put the wrong computer on it. I ordered an Avocet 45 with cadence which I got, but they didn't put the cadence mount on it. I bought that one because my old road bike had it and I was used to it. So I had them send me a Cateye Astrale which I received a few days ago. Now I am wondering if I rally need cadence. I know if my cadence drops below 90 I am reaching for a lower gear. My new bike is a Litespeed Tuscany (non-painted frame) and the wiring will look bad, in my opinion.

So, do many of you use computers with cadence? Just curious? I'm leaning toward leaving my non-cadence on the bike due to aesthetics.

re: Computer and cadenceVelocipedio
Mar 3, 2002 8:07 AM
I have a Polar s510, and though I always look at cadence when I download a ride to my computer, I don't actually pay much or any attention to the cadence display when I'm actually riding, EXCEPT when I'm doing small chainring sprints in training.

To tell the truth, I find that I have too much information as it is in a group ride, or even on a fast solo ride, with speed, time, distance, other riders, traffic and road hazards without having to think about cadence. Besides, as you point out, you KNOW when you've dropped to low cadence...
Cadence: now you need it, now you don'tKerry Irons
Mar 3, 2002 8:08 AM
Cadence is something that you develop as a rider. Having a cadence readout on your computer is helpful as you develop this skill. Once you have learned to spin, and if you think about while riding, you will no longer need cadence. If you get desperate, you can check it with your watch once in a while. Simplify.
Totally agree.Sintesi at home
Mar 3, 2002 9:26 AM
You pretty much know what 90 rpm feels like after doing it a while. I had the Astrale for awhile and it's decent enough but the wires are a mess because the slack has to be bunched up somewhere. I'm never buying a cadence computer again.
re: Computer and cadenceTSlothrop
Mar 3, 2002 8:11 AM
Are you running Shimano or Campy? because if it's a new bike with Shimano I assume you could fit a flight deck computer that will calculate your cadence without an extra sensor.
I guess that Campy's ergobrain will do the same, but I've never used one so can't say for sure.
re: Computer and cadenceDINOSAUR
Mar 3, 2002 8:13 AM
My computer does not have a cadence function, I've never used a computer that had this feature. Not that I havn't thought about it. I know what my candence is from just counting my revolutions and feel. I'd like to have Campy ErgoBrain then I wouldn't have to look back all the time to see what gear I was in. I wouldn't worry about how it makes your bike look, although I know how you feel. Do what you want. If you like the cadence feature, get you have me thinking about that ErgoBrain...
ergobrain: have you read the reviews?Js Haiku Shop
Mar 4, 2002 11:08 AM
i've been thinking about it, too, for the new merckx. however, from the reviews (i think there's one on, also), it looks like you'll need a few days of solitude and some beer to get that thing cabled right and working. ??
Cadence: now I feel it now I don'tMcAndrus
Mar 3, 2002 8:24 AM
I have used computers with cadence for years. I've found that I sometimes need a reminder that my cadence is falling.

What I've discovered is a problem of perception. Sometimes I'm pedaling over 100rpm and it feels like a slow cadence. Other times I'm at 85rpm and it feels fast.

All other things being equal like terrain and wind, if I look down and see my cadence has fallen below 90, that's my clue to either pick up the pace or shift. Unfortunately I can't go by just feel.

Although, is support of Kerry's observation, I do know some people with wickedly fast spins who use computers without cadence counters.
re: Computer and cadenceLone Gunman
Mar 3, 2002 9:37 AM
Early season I put cadence as the dominant display on the Cateye. I am more concerned with cadence and leg speed early. Later speed is the dominant feature. Sort of like the tach on a car. After a while, the sound of the engine tells you when to shift, not the gauge (for those of you who drive standards, you know what I mean)
re: Computer and cadenceBianchiAmber
Mar 3, 2002 10:17 AM
When I first got my Ergo Brain, I used the cadence feature. I found out that I usually stayed within a few pedal strokes of the same cadence, and it varied little. I eventually took off this function. The Ergo Brain is capable of removing the cadence wire.
polar 510, 710 have cadence additions with no wire...agilis ti
Mar 3, 2002 10:48 AM
if looks are a big concern
Mar 3, 2002 2:28 PM
I just got my new Litespeed Vortex and the computer I put on is the Cateye Astrale as well. I agree that the wiring and the zip ties aren't the most pleasing to the eye, but it may only stand out to you because you are consciuos of it.
The first couple of days, my eyes gravitated towards the wires, but I don't even notice them a few weeks later. Look at the white ties on either side of the Litespeed Decal. I don't even notice them anymore and I think my bike looks fine with them.
The cadence is a useful feature to have and it doesn't take away from the aesthetics of the bike. Our rides look alike so here is a pic of mine and you can see if you think it is an eye sore or not.
Vol245, Sorry, here is the pic of my VortexLazywriter
Mar 3, 2002 2:30 PM
This should give yo an idea of what yours would look like with the wires.
Vol245, Sorry, here is the pic of my Vortexvol245
Mar 3, 2002 8:28 PM
It doesn't look as bad at all. Someone did a great job installing it. I decided to go with it so I hope mine turns out that nice. Thank you.
Vol245, Sorry, here is the pic of my VortexNatchez
Mar 3, 2002 9:01 PM
That is a great ride!!! How do you like it. What size is it? What is the weight? What where you riding before? How does it compare? is it stiff/
Nice ride
Natchez, The ride is reallyLazywriter
Mar 4, 2002 3:45 PM
really sweet. I have a Litespeed Classic for about 5 years now that I still love, but this Vortex is stiffer yet just as comfortable. I never really thought the Classic was noodly at all because it isn't, but the Vortex is stiffer for sure.
The Lotto Team is tearing up the roads on this bike so far this season. Everytime I go to, another member is winning on the Vortex.
I haven't been out for a really long ride yet, but I have just been really getting to know this bike. It weighs 16.5 -16.75 lbs right now and that is not with any trick stuff on it, just what you see. It is a 57cm frame which is the same as my Classic. I also have a Fondriest bike as well.
I always wanted the Vortex and considering its indestructability, I think it was a good investment. Look at my Classic and the thing rides better now than it did 5 years ago so I expect the same. Plus if I ever have problems or want to change something on this one, it is worth the $ to send it back to Litespeed.
At first I was nervous about the bullSH$% I was reading on these boards about integrated headsets, but after riding this one, I have confidence in the setup. It is tight and stiff and looks awesome. I could always ship it back to Litespeed if I want a traditional headtube put on in the future. A guy at my LBS did that with his Palmares. He put a longer TT and taller headtube due to back problems and got it back from LS in 6 weeks.
I am not really worthy of this bike other than for my desire to won it, but I have to say that for me it is about as good as it gets. Colnagos are too gaudy and the workmanship on their ti bikes was atrocious. The C40 is a lust machine for most, but the durability and lack guarantee doesn't say much for the company. Plus the customer service sucks.
I called up LS and spoke to this guy name Collins 3 times before I bought the Vortex. He spoke with me for 1/2 hour one time which shows you how attentive and cool they are.
I almost bought the Seven Axiom which was nice, but didn't ride like the Vortex. I test rode it twice to be sure and the Axiom rode identical to my Classic. The Vortex is much faster and more respnsive than the Seven and the welds and craftsmenship looks the same IMO. The customization thing seems nice at first, but I find I get the same fit on the Vortex. I don't have too much seatpost showing and my stem is only 110mm. The only thing the Seven has is the awe and mystic becaus there are so few of them on the road. Nice, but not 6/4 ti or with the shaped tubing and less ride quality. If I was blindfolded, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between my Classic and the Axiom. Which isn't a bad thing, but I got the Vortex for cheaper than the Axiom even thought eh Vortec frame retails for $500 more than the Axiom.
The fact that my LBS didn't carry Seven also played a role and I wanted to be loyal, but I was objective and the Vortex was simply a better and faster bike.
The only thing I needed to do was swap out a Campy headset for the Cane Creek due to the angle of the bearings of the Campy weren't sitting like they should. The Cane Creek has been the perfect match so far and hasn't lost adjusment on several rides and feels great. The only thing I may eventually change is the ITM Millenium bars as they are a little flexy, but light. It is a give and take I guess, but I have clean technique and it isn't a major issue. Only when I try to flex I notice it, but not when I just am riding.
Plus, I will take my trusty Open Pros any day to the expensive flavor of the week "fast" and "light " rims". Tries some in the past and reliability of the Open Pros is superb.
I am rambling
Natchez, The ride is reallyNatchez
Mar 4, 2002 9:52 PM
Sounds sweet!! I am riding an old litspeed a Lbs sold me last summer its to small I have since learned. I did not know I was getting a bit taken (now I do). I have been museing over for some time what the perfect bike would be for me C40 Seven I am with you. For performance, ride, and guarantee the Vortex looks like the real deal. I have found one a new 2001 for 1699$ I want it but I do not know if I can part with cash it would mean dumping my road and mt bike I would be unsure if I should build it with durace or campy from totalcycling. I was wondering your bike is a 57 (that is what I think I need) what is your inseam. I am on a 55 mine is like 331/2 so as you could assume I have like 6 inches of seat out and like 3inches of drop with a bunch of spacers. Great bike I liked your rambiling. Cheak out for some light Amercian classic built wheels for a very good deal.
re: Cadence installation.Chen2
Mar 3, 2002 2:31 PM
You can make your installation much neater if you will use a small disk shaped magnet glued to the inside end of the left pedal spindle. I use a spoke magnet and grind the back side down flat, then super glue it to the spindle. You can still chainge pedals and the magnet stays on the spindle. With this set-up there is no need for cable ties around the crank arm which contribute to corrosion. The cadence sensor can be attached to the left side chain stay with the window 1/8" from the magnet. This works well and gives you a cleaner set-up.
Wireless CadenceScot_Gore
Mar 3, 2002 7:55 PM
The 2002 Specialized Speedzone Pro has Wireless Cadence.

They have yet to hit the shelves in my region, but they are due sometime this month.

Wireless CadenceSlipstream
Mar 3, 2002 8:07 PM
Based on the specifications, the new Speedzone Pro Wireless looks like it will be a great product. What do you think about the design of the face? It looks like the tach design will be a lot easier to read.

It will be interesting to see what people have to say about it when it hits the shelves.
Mar 4, 2002 4:33 AM
The models with lesser features are out, so if you not seen one, stop in your Specialized LBS. They are larger than the web site makes them appear, so I think they will be easy to read. One feature I'm not sure I'm a fan of is that they attach onto the bar and you need tools to remove them. I'm used to the quick realease snap it out and take it with you feature. I'm a little worried that this big speedo hanging off my unattended bike will be vandal bait. Well see, shop says mine should arrive in the next 3-4 weeks.