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Ok, my eyes are bloody from looking at bikes...(5 posts)

Ok, my eyes are bloody from looking at bikes...nyvram
Mar 2, 2002 9:36 PM
No flames, please! I just want some honest feedback:

Bike A: Tried to buy a used 2000 Lemond Zurich from the bike manager in Knoxville w/ Dura Ace for $900 but the guy flaked out on me after we made the deal & sold it for more to someone else.

Bike B: LBS...jeezus. Purty red DeRosa but $2700 scared me away...

Bike C: Motobe....ok, well I guess I won't go there. Don't know how much I care for AL anymore...I used to ride nothing but Cannondales but I think I want a steel bike this time around.

Bike D: GVH; wow. The red Viner w/ Look carbon fork & ultegra for $1400 is pretty enticing....but I dont know. That frame looks a bit dated to me; maybe 'custom built for gvh' means 'cleaned out all old frames from viner warehouse at special price for gvh'. :( Anyway, there are some other possiblities there in clearance...casati, zeus, cinelli (also looks old), basso...anyone have any experience with any of these frames?

Bike E: ? What would you guys/gals suggest?

I'm really looking to spend around $1000 but my budget has slowly been inching up (as you can imagine). There's a HARO road bike (custom built) for $1300 w/ Dura Ace...but the guy has over 5k miles on it and ride professionally for Haro so I worry that bike & components are a little too used for me.

Am I a fool to go w/ a used bike? I would probably require a 58 cm bike or so...and I just don't know how seriously I'm going to get into it this time (although we have a cat-5 team in place and we'll hit about 10 races this year). I just want something decent...not especially flashy...and I'm not a brand-name shopper (Cannondale cured me of that) but rather would opt for an unknown maker of a good Reynolds or Columbus tubing if need be.

Component-wise...*sigh*..after being "" this close to that Dura Ace tastes have gotten a little uppity. I could probably do w/ Ultegra or even 105 if I felt the bike was a good one (or the mid-range campy too, I'm not picky).

Soooo, what would you do?
First Visine...Crankist
Mar 2, 2002 10:02 PM
...then get the big checkbook and screw up the courage to be fitted for bike "B" - then jump in with both feet. Most often our regrets are for not getting precisely what will make us happy, then we start over again and spend much more in the long run.
re: Ok, my eyes are bloody from looking at bikes...gtx
Mar 2, 2002 10:31 PM
not sure if this price is correct, because these frames retail for more, but you might give them a call. Also, their kit/parts prices are very competitive.

Used could also be a great way to go, but you need to be patient.
re: Ok, my eyes are bloody from looking at bikes...fuzzybunnies
Mar 3, 2002 6:28 AM
I agree with passing on the haro, if the guy really races enough that haro customed the bike the drivetrain is probably close to worn.
Basso is a nice riding frame and it's not an old look, it's classic. Probably better to look at the tubing it's made from than if it's a few years old. Probably be a real nice bike to own.
The derosa would be an awsome bike, if you're not willing the cough up the cash why are you evenconsidering it?
I rather like the new raleigh international this year, steel frame with full daytona. Won't get any looks but it's a good price for the whole package.
Good luck with the choice. Russ
Not quite sure what you mean by dated??Lone Gunman
Mar 3, 2002 10:09 AM
Graphics? Geometry? Paint too retro? I sorta think the retro thing is cool these days,(local car dealership has a PT Cruiser Woody on the lot as an example of what is old is new again), Lemond geometry is old school(I ride a Zurich), I like the Basso frames. Rivendale (sp?) is a very hot retro lookin' bike. Just some ramblin' thoughts.