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What are clinchers?(4 posts)

What are clinchers?Jerry
Mar 2, 2002 7:26 PM
Sorry but this road bike stuff is new to me. I am looking for a new aerodynamic wheelset that won't break the bank...Any suggestions
Thanks, New Roadie..
it's like this.....Hardy Harhar
Mar 2, 2002 8:02 PM
A clincher is a real tough situation, pile up in front of you, hairy decent, high speed wobble, blowout, etc. It's one that you really don't think you're gonna make, one that scares the cr@p out of you, but then you make it after all. That is what a clincher is.
re: What are clinchers?Crankist
Mar 2, 2002 10:30 PM
They are the most common bike rims. There is a short lip on the inside of the rim wall which captures the tire bead under pressure. Yes, tubes are req'd.
There is aero and there is aero. A moderately aero, fairly lightweight affordable wheelset would be 105 hubs laced to Mavic CXP 33 rims. Try as a good starting place.

If you have to ask the question . . .Kerry Irons
Mar 3, 2002 9:11 AM
Clinchers are the same design as on your MTB - a separate tube and tire. A tubular tire has the tube sewn up inside, which is why they are also called sew-ups. These tires are glued on the rim. Since you're new to "this road bike stuff" you don't even want to think about tubulars.