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Seattle Bicycle Expo, random observations(5 posts)

Seattle Bicycle Expo, random observationsVent too
Mar 2, 2002 2:03 PM
I don't know if this is a big event in comparison to others in North America, but it is sorta big around here.
My buddy and I went last night and it was terrific. There were the usual guys with new improved drivetrains that double your power and all that, but most exhibits were solid and interesting.

Some manufacturers showed up, or supplied their dealers well. Kona didn't have demo helmets yet or I would have ridden the Bear DEE-LUX. Nice. There were the new Cdale freerider-very nice, the trick Treks-could the Lance replica bike possibly weigh any less and still be rideable?-and new and exciting models from all over North America and the World.

I was surprised how many road bikes were shown, and how many quality brands there were. Many beautiful Italian bikes, several locally built bikes that are really nice (Erickson, Davidson, Rodriguez, Hampsten, to name most but I forget some).

I was also surprised how many Ti bikes there were. Even REI was showing a new MTB that looks a lot like the Unicoi. While on the subject of Ti, at the exhibit for Gregg's, a local bike shop (a great one), they were showing a new 55 cm Serotta Legend Ti with F1 fork, in that gorgeous greenish color (it might have something to do with a Porsche color). Here is the great part-insofar as it has been at their shop all year, they are letting it go for $2500. This is a new bike. I have no affiliation with the shop, etc. but it is a good price worth mentioning.

There were far more tandems than I thought there might be, and these were on the whole just gorgeous. Erickson was showing some beautiful models with Hope disc hubs in rear for the disc drag brake. He really builds a well designed and beautifully turned out bike. His single bikes can border on works of bike art. Rodriguez had their usual simply superb tandems there, and even Santana was even in evidence, placed unfortunately for them right across from Erickson.

I was glad to see several less popular road bike lines represented, indicating-I hope- that there is room for everyone, not just Trek and Cdale. I saw Jamis, KHS, and Raleigh. The better Raleigh's were nice, sporting Columbus shaped tubes and even carbon seat stays on the top model.

Alas, before the Moto-spamers start inquiring, there was no lowly Motobecane/MBK that I could see. Just as well. Yes, I have ridden a "decent" one, if the component spec is any indicator of alleged quality, and no, I wouldn't trade my Reynolds tubed Peugeot for it.

There were lots of tour outfits, and they looked tempting. Riding a bike through Morocco. Interesting.
Hampsten's talkTypeOne
Mar 2, 2002 3:07 PM
I zipped through the exhibits last night and noticed the same thing--lots of ti bikes and tour companies, free Clif bar samples, charity rides and specialty items (a flashing red light that you can program to flash your name??)
Andy Hampsten's talk on Friday night was great. He didn't have a prepared speech, but stood with the mic and answered questions for an hour. He was sincere and charming and hung around to talk with people afterward. Other sports legends (baseball, basketball, etc) are never so friendly and down-to-earth.
The exhibits at the Seattle Bike Expo were secondary to me after listening to Hampsten tell stories.
Nice report - thanks! (nm)MikeC
Mar 2, 2002 3:58 PM
re: Seattle Bicycle Expo, random observationsBroomwagon
Mar 2, 2002 8:25 PM
I just got back this afternoon from the show. I was a volunteer and was assigned to work the Andy Hampsten forum. It was really neat to listen to his stories about starting out as a junior racer, then Levis/Raleigh, La Vie Claire, 7-11 then Motorola. He said the best times he ever had were when he rode for 7-11. It was also really cool to listen to him decribe Gavia pass stage where he rode through a snow storm to eventually win the Giro d'Italia in '88.

Found a great deal on PlanetBike floorpumps. Got one for $15. If you live in the area, it's worth a visit.
It was great, nice to see the bikes in person with no pressure.James
Mar 3, 2002 10:59 PM
I had fun with all the exhibits and ate too many cliff bar chunks. It was great to see all the high end bikes, that i have only seen in the mags, without pressure to buy them. It was an all around good show and a killer day in Seattle, my girlfriends and i even ate at Wolfgang Pucks. The more and more bikes i see with Record, it makes me interested.....But i'm a shimano guy!