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fork choice questions...offset?(2 posts)

fork choice questions...offset?AdamM
Mar 2, 2002 1:01 PM
I'm trying to decide between an Easton EC90 and a Reynolds Ouzo Pro or Aero. I can get good deals on all of them so the price isn't as much of a factor. I weight 155 if that makes a difference for any of these forks. Whatever I pick will go on a normal road bike with 700 wheels, but I do enough TT's and duathlons to want some aero properties. The EC90 has a 43mm offset and the Ouzo Aero is 40mm. I don't really know how the different offsets would affect handling. Could someone explain this to me? Also, would having a larger aero fork have a different "feel" on the ride? I'm kind of leaning towards the EC90 because of its lower weight (and it looks cooler... yes I know that's bad) but are there any reasons I should go with an Ouzo Pro or Aero over it? Pardon my ignorance and thanks for any help.

Offset (rake) answersRusty McNasty
Mar 2, 2002 2:44 PM
OK, if you buy a fork with less offset than the one you currently have, the bike will react slower to inputs from the bars. If you get a fork with more offset than the one you have now, then it will get squirrely at high speed. If you don't know how to measure offset, take it to a knowlegeble mechanic instead of f@^#ing it up yourself.
Any more questions?