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I weigh 210 lbs (6'1) whats best steel or Aluminum(6 posts)

I weigh 210 lbs (6'1) whats best steel or Aluminumson-in-law
Mar 1, 2002 2:13 PM
Can't decide between A Jamis eclipse(steel) or Fuji team super lite(aluminum)
re: I weigh 210 lbs (6'1) whats best steel or AluminumJs Haiku Shop
Mar 1, 2002 2:27 PM
well, i can't address the specific bikes, but...when i started the move from mtb to road bikes in 2000, i weighed 235-240 (6'2"). i started on an older AL cannondale, and it was like riding a tuning fork. the rims and x20 tires probably didn't help. moved to an '00 specialized, no problems, like butta. i now have a second AL road bike, and a steel road SS, and--though the SS is also like butta--they're all nice and comfy over longer distances or semi-garbage roads.

the second AL bike has a CF fork, and i can tell a big difference in damping on the front end between the two. not sure if i'd want an all-CF bike, though.

just some musings. hope this helped some.
My .02bigdave
Mar 1, 2002 2:52 PM
The Eclipse is a lot of bike for the $$. I go about the same poundage, and an 853 frame suits me well... not too flexy. And it should last, which is my reservation abou the super light... super light bikes are not made for not-so-super-light riders like us. :-)

Go Jamis.

I always like steel, but I don't think your weight's a big issuecory
Mar 1, 2002 2:56 PM
I've had several steel bikes and one CDale at weights from about 215 to 260 (injuries, winter; leave me alone...). Absolutely the most comfortable, no question, is my (steel) Atlantis, with an old steel Trek (now a singlespeed) second. I was always pretty comfortable on the Dale, too, though, probably because I always used 28 or 32mm tires. The few times I tried to run 20s or 23s, they jarred my teeth loose on ANY of the bikes. I'd say buy the one you like, then choose tires carefully.
From 6-5, 210Elefantino
Mar 1, 2002 3:02 PM
When I wanted to replace my 10-year-old Tange Prestige KHS, I tried 853 steel (LeMond), alu (C'dale, Specialized) and carbon (Kestrel, Trek).

If I had to choose between steel and alu, it would be no contest. Both the R1000 and the Allez felt like jackhammers compared to the B.A.

But carbon was much, much better. For me. I was happy to pay the extra money.

Very easy decision!! Jamis!No study is needed
Mar 1, 2002 4:22 PM
The type of riding you described sounds like strictly training and fitness related, no racing I presume. If you are not racing seriously, why beat yourself up with an aluminum bike of any make? Aluminum's biggest attribute is its light weight, but what is saving 3/4's of a pound gonna matter to your fitness rides?? Nothing!!

The Jamis Eclipse is one of the best buys at that price level of any stock bike being made. It'll ride way smoother than any aluminum bike you can find which will make it easier for you to train on which is what you want. Better yet, the stock Ksyrium SL's that bike comes with are a god send for heavy riders such as yourself. I think your decision should be a no brainer, go with the Jamis Eclipse and don't look back, just ride the crap out of it!