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105 triple front derailleur problems: resolution(2 posts)

105 triple front derailleur problems: resolutionJs Haiku Shop
Mar 1, 2002 10:29 AM
seems it was an "idiot operator" error. i was bolting the f.der cable down too tight at the f.der, and it needed to be fairly slack. also had it run through the bolt, not over it, which may (?) have made a difference.

I decided to take it to the LBS before sending it off for warranty. took them 10 and cost me $10 to get it conected and dialed-in (limit screws and middle chainring trim), while they were at it. costly lesson IMO, but thankfully i called ahead, walked in, and was serviced immediately.

i'd fooled with this thing numerous times over six nights trying to get it right. some with the aid of beer, some without.
Slipping friction shifter on 600sis trans and beer;128
Mar 1, 2002 11:47 AM
A thought for the Shop:

Glad to hear you solved your problem. I just started wrenching around on bikes again after many years. Relatively new to working on highly bred road bikes. Any thoughts on this: you know, just getting into a nice hill and 'clunk', the chain steps down the cluster and you just gotta laugh. I've adjusted the little half-moon wire on the shifter,on the fly, and that helped but still there's slipping. Maybe replacing the friction washer is the next move? I've heard of similar problems on the 105's(?).I'm riding an '87-ish Specialized Allez with 600 group.