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Lance's new pedals(12 posts)

Lance's new pedalsElefantino
Feb 28, 2002 9:16 AM
The folks over at VeloNews reported yesterday that LA and Shimano have developed a new pedal that the Postal team will be using.

About time he dumped those Looks. (That was a JOKE!)
I guess I am not the only person....mixinbeatz
Feb 28, 2002 9:24 AM
Who tried the SPD-R's and shortly there after threw them in the trash. It seems like shimano is having real pedal issues the past couple of years. I hope they get it right this time.
I've never had any problemstuffnick
Feb 28, 2002 9:51 AM
I use shimano pedals on the road and track... I love tightened about halfway on the track so they hold my feet in so that I can't get out at all... or loosen them off on the road and lube them up so I have nice entry and exit. I think some people have problems with them by loosening them off to much so theres not enough tension to allow the foot to clamp in hence allowing release when there shouldn't. Also there is some break in time.
I've never had any problemsmixinbeatz
Feb 28, 2002 10:20 AM
I would agree on the loosening off too much will cause problems, I noticed that right off the bat. The problem for me, is that no matter how many adjustments I made, I could not make them release predictable. The LBS said that they have had these pedals returned for the same reason. I have ridden a lot of different kinds of pedals, including look, spd, speedplay, and time mtb, and these are by far the worst as far as release. A company like shimano, should make a product that works well right out of the box. I fiddled with these things for 500 miles before I decided enough was enough.
But I should also say.....mixinbeatz
Feb 28, 2002 10:33 AM
I have, in fact, kept these pedals, and I think I would use them for track racing. They are comfortable once you are in, and I don't think that they will release unexpectantly. They were just unpractical for club rides and general all around riding. I think I will stick to the speedplays for road riding and racing but these will work fine on the track.
Won't regret it for track...tuffnick
Feb 28, 2002 4:36 PM
I must say I've never had the problem with unpredictable release... but then again being a track sprinter I do normally have them pretty tight. Using them for track is an awesome move though. They are quickly replacing the old shimano clip and strap pedals or other varieties such as the MKS as the pedal of choice at the World-class level so that says a lot. Most guys have them so tight they have to whack their heel to clip out. Just make sure to sand the bottom of your shoe where the cleat touches if its carbon or you may have problems with the cleat shifting clipping out over time or in the event of a crash.
I saw them on velonews, but they looked the samePaul
Feb 28, 2002 9:36 AM
as the exisitng spd-r. Though form the angles the pictures were taken, it was hard to tell. I can see it now, if Lance loses the TDF, he'll blame Shimano.
I saw them on velonews, but they looked the sameEric16
Feb 28, 2002 3:40 PM
They don't look like the SPD-R's, they look like a lighter-weight remake of their old Look-style pedals which is what lance uses now (they were heavy, but if ya find something that works stick with it I suppose!) And no, if he loses the Tdf, he will not blame Shimano...he can choose to stick with the old pedals if he wants and besides, making excuses is a skill monopolized by Italians (I'm talking to you Pantani/Simoni) not Texans! :)
look like Look-SPDR childrenjw25
Feb 28, 2002 9:40 AM
I actually ride (and really like) a pair of Look-compat. Shimanos. They might be a touch heavier than the newer looks, but the bearings are smooth, and they work for me.
The new peds look like some sort of hybrid - I'd like to see the cleat.
I've never ridden the SPD-R's, but after I got burned in a race thanks to the guy in front of me pulling out of his on a nasty climb, I don't even want to.
He didn't even use Looks.look271
Feb 28, 2002 10:39 AM
Old Shimano Look-style. Heavier than a lead anchor (I had a pair). Will he spin even faster now?! (Kidding!)
Those were Shimano pedals!!!Rusty McNasty
Feb 28, 2002 4:52 PM
I know, because i still ride on them, too. They are great pedals, something which Shimano (in there infinite wisdom) failed to notice. No, I don't want SPD cleats, either. Does this mean Shimano is FINALLY listening??
I doubt it.
re: Lance's new pedalsJimP
Mar 1, 2002 8:43 AM
They look like an updated pair of the old DA pedals. If these are as good as the old ones were, they will have a winner. Even though the old ones were heavy, they had great bearings and were very smooth.